Anthem 15 Min Gameplay Video Released


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One of the Most Anticipated Games of 2019 is Anthem. Anthem is an Online MultiPlayer Action Role Playing game which is published by EA and Developed by Bioware. The game is set to be released on Feb 22, 2019, and will be available in Pc, Ps4 and Xbox one.

IGN has recently shared of video of 15 Mins of gameplay of a mission. The video contains a three-man team of Colossus Javelins , Interceptor and Storm completing the Entire Arcanist Mission.

Anthem Can be played upto Four Players. The game will feature Awesome Characters and a Unique story for the players to experience. The Exo suits which the players use in battle will be in the spotlight. These suits can be upgraded with Powerful weapons and incredible Special Abilities and they are fully customizable.Players will be able to customize these suits with paint jobs and gear to their liking and game style. The game's Primary attributes are Exploration and heavy combat in a hostile and Beautiful environment.


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