E Sports in India

Most of the answers here point to the undeniable truth which is that Indian parents would never allow their kids to take eSports as a career path.Half of them would not allow their kid to take up sports in general, so its not that surprising.

Now there’s validity in this argument.eSports,as big as it may have gotten in the last few years, is still at a nascent stage. It’s getting huge sponsorships and tournament fundings(last year’s Dota 2 premier tournament, The International had 18$ million prize pool and this year it is expected to surpass 20$ million.That figure is bigger than some of the grand slams of tennis and similar sports) but that is because it is a hot commodity right now. It would be wise to wait for a few more years to validate that its not a passing fad.

Now having addressed that fact, we have to understand that in India,we dont have a predominant eSport community.Majority of gamers would still prefer to play outside and leave gaming for the wee hours of the day.

We were one of the few countries which adopted Dota as a viable online game when it first came out as a mod of Warcraft more than a decade back. As a result, we still have one of the largest player base for Dota 2 and CS:GO, but on an average we stand way back in the skill brackets.

Now I dont just say that as an opinion but as a fact. On the MMR leaderboards(which is a crude and simple way of measuring individual and group based skill) of dota 2, India,on an average, ranks the second last in the world.Yes,behind the likes of Papua New guinea or Seychelles or any other country where you would not imagine there is even a scene of online gaming. The situation is less worse in CS:GO but its still not in the top 100.Hence the reluctance of major sponsors and advertisers to set this place up for professional gaming. It would not be a viable endaevour for them.

Now this is not just because of skill but various other factors like seriousness( majority is casual gamer), priorities (unlike in the European or CIS gaming scene where kids can wait for a few years to see what they love doing, you are expected to start looking for a stable paying job once you finish college),passion and other such factors.I’m positive that this will start to change once the current generation of gamers starts becoming parents themselves. Plus there already are a few teams in dota 2 (Beyond Infinity) and other sports too, which are looking to go professional.

To end on a bright note, ESL (one of the biggest gaming front) is planning to launch an exclusive Indian tournament in the near future, comprising of a prize pool of 44 lacs for various games.That huge player base has got to count for something.

The times they are a changin’.. Article By Dhruv Patel

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