ESL India

All You Need to know about Esl India 2018

Expected Date: May through December

Prize Pool: INR 1 Crore

Games: Dota2, Csgo, Rocket League, Clash Royale, Just dance

Esl and Nodwin Gaming have partnered to form ESL India. The partnership happened in 2016, and this premiership is considered to the best competitive tournaments in the country. We want to thank Mr.Akshat Rathee of Nodwin gaming, for creating the first company in India which offers complete solutions for companies operating in the gaming sector. Nodwin Gaming’s aim is to release the biggest untapped potential of the Indian gaming market, let us Hope and pray that they succeed in their endure. They offer services like hosting events and managing them, gaming media, coverage, esports organization and fixtures and gaming merchandise.

Esl India Premiership 2018 Announced. Esl is back with a bang folks, 2018 will see the Esl India premiership reaching new heights, as INR 1 Crore($157,000) prize pool announced. Set to be in April of 2018 this is the event gamers were waiting for, let's hope its a major success. The premiership has promised better and bigger experience as it develops the Indian esports. Fingers crossed folks. Let's bring India into the esports arena, lead the way gamers. The gaming titles for competitions are Dota2, CSGo, Clash Royale. The Last Tournament for dota2, CsGo and clash Royale happened on 15 Th Jan 2018.

The Invitees To the Esl India Premiership for the Masters League

ESL INDIA Invitees


Summer Season 2018 :

The summer season for Masters, Challengers and Starters have started. Please check the official website for more information. We will keep you updated on the latest of the happenings in ESL INDIA 2018.

The Starters Are Happening right now

Registrations are now open : ESL INDIA STARTER REGISTRATION

 Official ESL India Website:

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