Best Heroes in Dota 2 for Beginners

Best Heroes in Dota 2 for Beginners

Best Heroes in Dota 2 for Beginners

Dota2 is a hard and complex game. Its mechanics are complex and it will be exhausting for a new player to learn the game. Learning to last hit as a carry or placing a ward as a support you should know the roles and the heroes to play effectively and win a game. The game has 113 heroes, learning the heroes, their skills, their roles will be hard for a new player. If you are introduced to the game by a friend, they may help you in figuring out the game. But if you don’t have any friends to guide you. Learning the game on your own might take a long time. As a player who has been playing for 6 years now and over 7300 Hours into Dota2, I can help you pick the heroes who are effective and easiest to play. I will also be explaining their roles which can suit them best. Pick these heroes and follow the steps to gain MMR fast and move from the lower tiers.

Before we proceed a quick look at the roles and their lane positions.

Carry:  Heroes who will need a lot of farm meaning Lot of gold and XP to be effective in Mid and late game. These heroes are best in safe lane.

Midlaners: Considered to be the semi-carry, these midlaners always go 1 on 1 with enemy mid. They need a lot of gold and XP to be effective mid or late game.

Offlaner:  Their role is to hold the line and try to harass the enemy carry as much as possible. Preferably the offlane heroes are called tank heroes or who have high Hp and are not killed easily.

Supports: The support role is the most important role in dota2. They support their team in team fights, these heroes are the ones in the backlines who do much work in the game. They buy and place wards, they roam to mid or offlane to help their allies. Their primary role is to support the carry, so the carry gets farm early game and dominates in mid and late game.

In this List we will be covering all roles. Heroes who have easier skills to learn and quickly master the hero. These heroes are considered to be the best for beginners and also are effective in a game. We will have all role heroes in this list.

Sniper :

Lane Position: Mid

Role: Carry

Ranged, Agility

Best Heroes in Dota 2 for Beginners

Sniper is considered to be the best carry in lower tiers. He is an agility& Ranged hero who can easily kill enemy hero from afar. For a new player, this hero is a good of way learning the game and also be effective in the game. Sniper is a mid hero. He can easily lane against any hero in dota2. He can also lane as a safe lane carry, but we could not recommend it. His skills are designed to stay far and engage enemies from as far as he is so squishy. During Team fights always stay near your team and stay in the backlines to be effective.

Early game Max your 1 st skill which is Shrapnel to harass the enemy mid. Always have a ward placed in mid as sniper is easier to gank and kill. Shrapnel is deadly in the early game against any hero so max it first. Sniper's 2 nd skill is Headshot which enables  him to do extra damage max this skill last. The third skill Take aim will increase the range of sniper, Max this skill second. His ultimate delivers a huge damage to the enemy.

If you pick sniper your item selection is very important. Sniper is dependant on his items to carry the game. Always farm items like shadow Blade and Hurricane Pike as your earlier items. These items enable you to escape the enemies if they are too close. Please don't go for damage items earlier because if the enemy is close to you and you don't have any escape items then they will easily kill you making your damage items completely useless. Ask your support to be close enough to you in team fights.

Our way to win a game with Sniper :

Items :

Phase Boots, Ring of Aquila, Mask of Madness, Shadow blade, Hurricane Pike.

Get a Black King Bar if there are enemy magic damage heroes.

Any of these items:

Daedulus, Monkey King bar or Mjollnir.

Phantom Assassin:

Position: Mid or Safelane

Role: Carry

Melee, Agility

Best Heroes in Dota 2 for Beginners

Phantom Assassin is pretty much the best carry for beginners. Her skills are very easy to execute but for maximum effect in damage. PA can be played in mid lane or safe lane carry.

Her 1 st skill Stifling Dagger allows her to harass the enemy constantly. If you have a mid enemy whos constantly harassing you stay back and use your 1 st skill to take last hits and farm. Her second skill Phantom Strike enables Pa to close the gap of the enemy, it teleports Pa to an enemy unit or ally unit. If it's an enemy unit she receives additional attack speed on the enemy hero.

This skill can be used to escape ganks in mid by teleporting to an allied creep. Her 3 rd skill allows PA to escape enemy attacks. Her ultimate is the real pain for the enemy Coup De Grace delivers Critical strikes on the enemy unit at random attacks. As we say in Dota2 " The Crits are real" it does huge damage. It can also add Crits to your 1 st skill once you have reached Lvl 6.

Pa is also squishy early game. PA items selection can differ with various situations. Getting a Desolator or Battlefury depends entirely on the situation of the game. Battle fury as a first item will let you farm items easily, whereas Getting deso can easily kill enemy heroes. The next item on your list should be getting a BKB. As I previously said Pa is a squishy hero, a couple of Magic damage she may be dead in the early game. SO getting a BKB will protect you from magic nukes and ditch out serious damage before BKB timing runs out. Pa can easily fight against any enemy melee hero as their Physical attacks may miss, giving you an advantage. But against magic damage heroes like Zues or Invoker any other hero for that matter she is vulnerable without a BKB.

Our Way To win a Game with PA:

Items :

Phase Boots, Desolator or Battle Fury.

You will need BKB on Pa whatever the Enemy lineup. BKB Is a must on PA. But Please Don't get it as your First Item.

Skull Basher Into Abyssal Blade, Monkey King Bar

Sven :

Role: Carry

Lane: Safelane


Best Heroes in Dota 2 for Beginners

The Rogue Knight: Sven is an awesome pick for newcomers.  He excels in doing maximum damage to the enemy heroes. He is best in ditching huge damage in few hits. His skills are designed to be effective is dealing damage. He is a safe lane carry and don't try to play him anywhere.

His first skill Storm Hammer lets you initiate in team fights. His second skill is cleave where you can do cleave damage to multiple enemies for every hit. Sven's third skill provides additional armor to himself and allies. The ultimate of sven is where he is brutal to his enemies. He can kill multiple enemies with few hits with his ultimate. The Bonus damage of Sven's ultimate is unmatched in the game.

Max your 2nd skill Cleave first to farm creeps quickly. It would mean that you will be pushing the creep waves. You can also try and max your first skill which gives you kill potential early game. Try these 2 methods and make a decision which suits you better. Finally, max your 3 rd skill as it could give armor to your allies which is very good in team fights. After Sven reaches lvl 8 he can easily farm the jungle.

Sven can easily be kited by the enemies. So A BKB Item is essential for Sven, without BKB sven is vulnerable to disables and can be killed quickly if he is not doing any damage. Blademail is the real enemy to sven as it can reflect the damage. So stay away from heroes who have blademail or don't hit them when it is activated.

Our Way to Win with Sven :


Power Threads, Mask Of Madness, Echo Sabre or Sange&Yasha

Sven is a BKB Dependant Hero. Get it as quick as possible.

Any One of these Items:

Daedulus, Monkey King Bar, Satanic : Disassemble your mask of madness to get Satanic late game.

Daedulus in Sven is best. Combined with his ultimate, You can ditch serious damage, even kill enemy heroes in the late game easily.

Zeus :

Role: Nuker, Midlaner

Lane: Mid

Ranged, Intelligence

Best Heroes in Dota 2 for Beginners

Zeus is the god of magic damage. The thunder god can do serious damage with his low cooldown spells who performs the perfect role of the nuker. Zeus skills are all magic damage. His first skill will allow you farm effectively in the mid lane, it is also a great way of harassing the enemy mid. It's really hard for the enemy mid to deny creeps if Zeus uses his 1 st skill to farm. Get a bottle and clarities early so you don't run out of mana. Zeus 2nd skill is the ultimate killer spell. Max your 2nd kill first to easily kill the enemy early game. His ultimate makes him a true god, it deals damage to all enemy heroes no matter where they are on the map. This spell can also be used to scout the movement of the enemy effectively.

Zeus 2nd skill also gives true sight of enemy heroes around the location where the spell was cast. His ultimate will also reveal invisible enemies. Zeus can also become a semi-support by detecting enemy wards with his skill. This makes zues a perfect hero to pick for beginners in dota2. Zeus must always stay behind his allies to spam his spells regularly. He is very squishy so don't let the enemy too close, they can kill him easily. Zeus is a nightmare to invisible heroes as he is good against many heroes in dota2. A well farmed Zeus is really painful late game. We recommend this hero to quickly master and gain MMR or achieve new medals.

Our Way to Win with Zeus:


Arcane Boots, Kaya ( Important item as its reduces mana cost )

Aghanims Scepter( FOr Nimbus

Refresher Orb, Octarine Core.Euls Scepter Of Divinity

Tide Hunter

Role: Offlaner

Lane: Offlane

Melee, Strength

Best Heroes in Dota 2 for Beginners


Tide is a hero who can't be killed easily. Ganking and killing him early game is not easy to accomplish. His 2nd passive skill Kraken shell blocks some of the physical damage. Tide's first skill enables the player to slow the enemy movement speed, and his 3rd skill is a great tool for farming creeps effectively. He can also harass enemy hero with his anchor smash which does decent damage early game. Tide is best in team fights. His ultimate is the best initiation spell in the game which stuns all enemy heroes in AOE. He is not a damage dealer whereas he can take huge physical damage. For a Beginner, tide is a great offlaner pick. Often he is played as a support and also a offlaner.

Our way to Win with Tide:


Guardian Greeves, Blink Dagger, Drum of Endurance

Must get Item is Refresher Orb as it enables tide to perform 2 ultis in a row which can be deadly to the enemy team.

Pipe of Insight if the enemy has huge magic damage.


Role: Offlaner or tank

Lane: Offlane

Melee, Strength

Best Heroes in Dota 2 for Beginners

Axe is a great hero to pick for beginners. He is awesome in offlane as he can cut lanes early game. His first skill makes Berseker's call deadly to grouped up enemies. Axe is a great initiator and an awesome tank to play. His 2nd skill battle hunger can be used to harass enemy heroes early game as he can quickly farm creeps with his 3rd skill counter helix. Combine 1 st skill with 3 rd skill on multiple enemies can be an easy team fight for your team. He can easily finish off enemy heroes with low Hp with his ultimate. Max your 3 rd skill for a huge amount of damage to enemies, then try to max your 1 st skill which gives 40 armor to axe.

Now playing axe requires some coordination and timing to master.  It may be hard for beginners to play axe but I would highly recommend practicing this hero as he can give you easy wins. To play him effectively you will need to master his favorite item Blink Dagger. A axe with a blink and a Blademail is deadly to pretty much any hero is dota2. Time your blinks into enemy heroes followed by Berseker's call and activate Blademail you have won your self a team fight.

Our Way to Win with Axe


Tranquil Boots, Blink Dagger, Blademail

Get Pipe Of insight if there are magic damage heroes in an enemy team or try Vanguard for reducing the physical damage.

Crimson Guard, Shiva's Guard or Lotus Orb

Bristle back

Role: Offlaner

Lane: Offlane

Melee, Strength

Best Heroes in Dota 2 for Beginners

Bristleback is also a good offlaner to master as a beginner.  This hero is also played by intermediate players as he is an effective offlaner in the game. He can be a real pain to lane against for the enemy safelaner. His 1 st skill Viscous goo reduces the armor and movement of the enemy hero. His 2nd skill quill spray is the most effective skill of BB. Spamming his 2nd skill without any effort causes huge damage to enemy heroes once it starts to stack. BB's 3rd skill reduces damage from rear and side and also releases a quill spray when he receives 210 damage from the enemy.

All you have to do is spam your 2nd skill and use your 1 st skill from not letting the enemy escape. When you are ganked by an enemy hero and odds are against you just spam your 2nd skill and the passive ability will do the rest. Please don't go face to face with the enemy while playing BB. His ultimate adds bonus damage to Bb as he spams his skills.

Our Way to Win with BB


Power Threads, Vanguard

A Blademail may be useful but not essential.

Pipe of Insight, Solar Crest, Heart Of Tarraque or Shiva's Guard or Lotus Orb

Wraith King

Role: Carry OR tank

Lane: Safelane or Jungle

Melee, Strength

Best Heroes in Dota 2 for Beginners

Best hero to pick if you are a beginner in dota2. Wraith King can easily farm the jungle early game. Wk's 1st ability will stun a single target enemy. The 2nd skill will heal Wk and his nearby attacks everytime they attack any enemies, this also affects the creeps nearby. His 3rd ability gives him a chance to do a critical attack on the enemy. If the unit dies with the crit wk receives 1 charge to recruit skeleton melee units. The combination of 2nd and 3rd skills makes wk an effective farmer in the jungle. His ultimate brings back Wk to life after he loses all his Hp, it's basically an extra life with full HP and Full Mana.

Early game you may find wk attack speed pretty low. So try to get some attack speed items ASAP. Max your 1 st skill, then your 3rd and lastly your 2nd skill. Wk is a great initiator and can stay alive longer in his team fights. It enables him to face the enemies head-on. But always keep an eye out for your mana pool early game. If you don't have mana for his ultimate he will die instead of Reincarnation. Getting a blademail may enable him to be tanky, but it depends on the situation.  Overall Wk is a very effective hero to pick right now.

Our Way To Win with Wk


Power Threads,Echo Saber, Shadow Blade, Desolator

Blademail, Blink Dagger

Radiance, Silver Edge, Monkey King Bar

Spirit Breaker :

Role : Offlaner or Support or Roamer

Lane: Offlane

Strength, Melee

Best Heroes in Dota 2 for Beginners

Sb is an awesome hero to pick. He can be played as a offlaner who can be a support and a roamer. He has the abilities to be played as a semi-carry as well. His ability to quickly traverse the lanes make him so effective ganker. His 1 st skill is the most effective tool of an awesome ganker. He charges at any targeted enemy quickly moving through the map. The second skill gives him some movement speed, and his this 3rd skill will mini stun the enemies. His ultimate does decent damage to the target.

Sb's main skill is his 1 st skill charge. He can be laning in offlane , the next moment he can charge mid and gank the enemy laner. This makes life really hard for the enemy team. Sb is very effective in team fights, he can initiate and his low cooldown spells can cause real problems for the enemy. Many new players may find it hard to counter sb so you will have an advantage. He can also be a effective support as he is also good at escaping his enemies if the numbers are against him.

Our way to Win a Game with Sb


Power Threads, Mask of Madness, Urn of shadows

Echo Saber, Blademail, Silver Edge, Assault Cuirass

Witch Doctor

Role: Support

Lane: safe lane or offlane

Ranged, Intelligence

Best Heroes in Dota 2 for Beginners

Wd is a very good support if you want to start playing support roles. His 1 st skill allows him to stun multiple enemies and his 2nd skill heals nearby ally heroes. His 3rd skill does damage over time and is very effective early game. His ultimate is very effective in team fights so use it wisely. There was a time when we had rampages with wd ultimate, it was that powerful, but over the years they have nerfed him badly. But still, he is a very balanced support to play.

MAx your 3rd skill first as it could give you kill potential early game. Max your 1 st skill second and then your third skill. Don't try to stun a single target enemy with your 1 st skill it's not effective. But if you have 2 or 3 enemies grouped use your skill for maximum effectiveness. Wd is also a good ganker. His ultimate is very good in team fights, but time it perfectly as it is a channeled spell and it can be stopped with a stun or a silence. Try to master Wd to learn the game early, so you can win a lot of games instead of trying to win with a carry hero. We strongly recommend this hero to quickly gain MMR.

Our way to win with WD


Wards and Courier For dota's sake get these items first.

Arcane Boots, Urn of shadows

Glimmer Cape, Spirit Vessel, Ghost Scepter

Aghanims Scepter

Bounty Hunter 

Role: Support or Ganker

Lane: Offlane

Melee, Agility

Best Heroes in Dota 2 for Beginners

BH is a very good versatile support to play. He is a very good invisible hero for beginners to play. His skills are designed to help his team in the long run. Bh's ultimate is the key skill here. He tracks an enemy hero and if the tracked enemy hero is killed, he and his allies gain bonus gold. He can also track other invisible heroes giving him and his allies true sight. His 2nd skill enables him to do a critical strike on an enemy unit. His 1 st skill throws a deadly shuriken on tracked enemies which does decent damage.

Bh is an awesome ganker. He can be a nuisance to the enemy mid lane as he can constantly harass them. He is a great support as he is an invisible hero who can go into the enemy side and place strategic wards and escape when needed. He is also very good at sniping enemy couriers which will yield your team bonus gold. When in team fights your primary role is to track all enemies before you engage them. Tracking enemies gives your team bonus movement speed. Always track your enemies whenever possible.

Our way to win with Bh


Wards and Courier

Phase Boots or Arcane Boots, Solar Crest

Spirit Vessel, Vladimir's offering, Lotus Orb


Role: Support

Lane: Offlane or Safelane

Ranged, Intelligence

Best Heroes in Dota 2 for Beginners

Warlock is a great crowd control support to play for beginners. His spells are much more effective in team fights. His first skill allows him to do decent damage to multiple enemies. His 2ns skill can heal an ally or damage an enemy unit. His 3 rd skill greatly reduces the movement speed of all enemies inside the AoE. His ultimate stuns the enemy heroes in an AoE and summons a golem which is tanky and also does decent damage to enemies.

Warlock is designed especially for team fights. He has good disables and his magic damage can be a real pain. When his carry needs help he can quickly heal his ally or save the carry with his ult. Max your 1 st skill followed by the second skill and finally the third skill. Getting items for warlock can help him to be more effective in team fights, but not for the sacrifice of getting wards. Remember warlock is a support hero and not a carry. It may be tempting to get items for this hero. Do your job as a support and you can easily buy the essential items.

Our way to win with Warlock


As Usual Wards and Courier

Arcane Boots, Glimmer cape, Ghost Scepter

Aghanims Scepter , Refresher Orb

Crystal Maiden

Role: Support

Lane: Offlane or Safelane

Ranged, Intelligence

Best Heroes in Dota 2 for Beginners

Good old Cm. The best support hero in the game. Cm is a great hero for beginners to pick and master. She is good at dealing damage in AoE to multiple enemies and also a great disabler. She can stun, Slow the movement speed and also do decent damage to multiple enemies. The most important skill is her 3rd and passive skill which regenerates mana pool of her allies.

Cm is a great ganker and is much effective in team fights. You should be very careful to use your ultimate as it can be stopped with a stun or silence. Cm has all the good traits of a support but she is very squishy all game. A carry can kill her with 3 to 4 hits. So try to stay in backlines and use her skills to be effective. Please don't initiate with Cm thinking you can kill your enemies with your ult. Please wait for the right moment to use your ultimate which can be deadly to your enemies. Spam your low cooldown 2nd skill for maximum effectiveness. Max your 2nd skill first, then your 3 skill and finally your 1 st skill. Cm can also jungle, but please don't steal your carry's farm. This is a great hero to master and gain MMR quickly, use her wisely. Lastly, a blink dagger is very effective with cm if you know how to use it.

Our Way to Win with Cm


Of course Courier and Wards

Tranquil Boots, Blink Dagger, Glimmer Cape

BKB if you can afford it, So you can ulti without any interference( Not useful if you are silenced)

Rod of Atos, Ghost Scepter


This is our list of the Best Heroes in Dota 2 for Beginners. You may have other thoughts. Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

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