Esl One Mumbai Signify Knocked out:

Esl One Mumbai 2019 had a total of 8 teams which participated. Signify was the Indian qualifier and were Considered Under Dogs in the Tournament.

Signify was placed in Group B with keen gaming, Mineski and The Pango. The group stages were really tough for Signify when they faced the Tier 1 teams. Keen gaming destroyed Signify 2-0 and within 20 to 25 mins games. Drafting a team in Dota2 is considered an art in Dota2. Signify was not good at drafting and they made a lot of mistakes an early game. Ganking mid or a Smoke gank they tried everything but they didn't succeed as the enemy teams were one step ahead all the time. The game against The Pango was similar to the game against Keen gaming. 2 games within 20 to 25 mins games totally Overpowered.

Signify were pushed into the Lower bracket to face against TNC Predator. The first game had some hope in their gameplay but the result was the same. The second game Signify Carry Blizzard had an amazing farm but couldn't handle the enemy heroes as they were levelled up than his teammates.  But the Second game was promising and they held back TNC predator for a 40 min game.

Crowley the support of Signify said that its a learning curve for them. He also stated that they will have to play more games against these top tier teams to get a grip on their playstyle and skills. Altogether it is a great experience for the Indian Team Signify. Finally, we got a chance to see an Indian Team go up against these Top tier teams. This will give a great idea to other Indian teams where they stand.

Many Indian Supporters considered this Lose as a Humiliation in the International stage. You just can't go into the International stage and expect to win them. We must understand the pressure which was on Signify as a Home Team. Its a learning phase for the Indian teams to analyse exactly where they stand when it comes to Skills and Equipment. Please don't forget the Support, Equipment and Facility these top tier teams have. Its time we start to support our Indian Players if we need to see them win these tournaments. Only if the Indian teams receive proper support and excellent sponsors who can provide them with great coaches then we can expect these Indian teams to shine in these tournaments.



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