OG Wins The International 2018

OG Wins The International 2018


OG Champions Of The International 2018

Final Day Of The International 2018 Lower Bracket : 

PSG.LGD faced off against EG for a place in the Grand Finals. PSG.LGD dominated the Impressive EG beating them comfortably 2-0. The Great Run of Eg has to sadly end, but many fans didn't expect EG to this very well. Eg can be proud of what they have achieved in this TI.


What a series of games. Truly amazing, The 10 players who were a part of these games are truly legends and this series will be remembered by the Dota2 Fans for a TI. OG wins the 1 st game and PSG.LGD wins 2 in a row, but OG picks Axe as their final pick and wins the 4th game leveling them with PSG.LGD 2-2. If you didn't watch the game please do watch it as its the best of the tournament for us.

The series went to the fifth and final game between these amazing two teams. Ana the real star with his Ember as they thrashed PSG.LGD. The final Result OG Beat PSG.LGD 3-2.

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