Red Dead Redemption2 Review

Read Dead Redemption 2 Review

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Red Dead Redemption 2 Review

Reborngamers Ratings: 9.5

Highly Recommended

IGN: 10

Metacritic: 9.7


Red dead redemption is one of the best games ever made in gaming history. Rockstar the makers of the game have a reputation that no other company has in the gaming industry. Rockstar always sets the expectation bar high and almost always reaches expectations.

Reborngamers Review:

The narrative and the story of the game are the most amazing aspects of the game. By the time I am writing this review, it is more than a month since I have finished the game. But the game has so deep impact on me, that it left me thinking about the characters and the story till now. I can’t seem to jump into a different game and forget about RDR2 that easily. I have spent a lot of time exploring the final fate of the characters of the game after finishing the game. I have also been hearing the songs of the game in loop mode so many times.

The game has a prologue, chapters, and epilogue. By the time I finished the final chapter, I couldn’t control the water from my eyes and I went through an amazing experience which is not easily describable and this feeling carried over in my epilogue play, which makes epilogue so much more emotional.

Every top gaming review companies like IGN, Gamespot praise the game so very much and the game really deserves all the appreciation it gets. Since Rockstar is a very famous gaming company, every casual/average/experienced gamer will play this game. All of them will praise this masterpiece, but I think the real review counts from the average/experienced gamers, as casual gamers play very fewer games and this game is amazing in every way that it will definitely impress them.

Hunting in the game is very unique and implemented well this time. But after hunting, we collect animal skins. There are 3 types of skins/pelts – poor/good/perfect. Getting a perfect pelt is really hard in this game, but trying to get perfect pelt makes sense. It requires gamers to invest a lot of time and completionist gamers will be fully satisfied.

Though the game is such a jaw-dropping masterpiece, being myself an average gamer, I think the game has its own set of flaws. I should be expecting a little bashing for my negative comment on the game, but these flaws have to be pointed out.

From the very beginning of the game, I found it slow. RDR2 is designed to be slow so that it works flawlessly with its gorgeous graphics and it works most of the time. But the controls are so laggy that you will feel the unresponsiveness of the controls right from the beginning of the game. The game makes you wait like a millisecond for every action you perform on the controller. For gamers who are mostly playing FPS shooters, this is a very big problem. This lag between controller and game will drive crazy the normal FPS gamers.

It can clearly be understood from Red Dead Redemption 1, that this game is mostly a western shooter and horse rider. While the Red Dead Redemption 1 was amazing in its time of release with vast open world and freedom, RDR2 mostly feels exactly the same. This is not something bad, but with time between RDR1 & RDR2, gamers expect some difference between gameplay and more variety of options but did not much difference between both. With amazing RPG games like Witcher 3 & Horizon Zero Dawn etc, gamers are bound to expect more from Rockstar, with Rockstar being considered the best.

All the biggest games released in the past 5 years provide gamers the freedom to play either stealthy or go commando. But RDR2 lacks in this area. While it may seem like there are some missions where stealth is possible, it is not worth to play stealthy in RDR2. The game almost always forces the player to shoot and clear things. I didn’t feel like killing each and every NPC character in my way. In any other game, my gameplay has always been to knock out as many NPC characters as possible first and shoot the remaining ones to complete a mission, but this approach is mostly not possible in RDR2.

The game provides aim assist by default without asking the player about it. I had to remove aim assist, reduce assist strength and still I find that the game was holding my hand in missions while I was trying to aim NPC character. I was trying so hard to not allow the game to assist my aiming, but the small white dot on my big TV screen is almost invisible. GTA 5 had a better dot which can be seen while aiming, but RDR2 aiming dot is almost invisible.

I really struggled very had to find a place to camp in this game. I need to camp to get my health/dead eye/stamina cores filled up. But the game does not allow gamers to camp if there is any nearby activity where you are trying to camp. I got very frustrated trying to camp so many times and the game constantly telling me to go camp some other place. RDR2 is so rich game that there is always some activity nearby. It almost feels like you need to be lucky to camp in game.

The game has a good day/night cycle and the images produced at night are very realistic and satisfying. But I am a player who mostly enjoys day time missions. I like to avoid playing night, as I cannot see enemies properly. The only problem I find with this game’s day/night cycle is, it is very fast. I can play 1 or at max 2 missions from morning 6 AM in the game before getting the night. Then I have to either return to rest place of gang/hotel or camp someplace. Returning to gang/hotel requires us to ride on a horse for at least 2 to 3 mins, which is frustrating. I don’t want to ride the horse again and again. If I try to camp, there is always some nearby activity and I cannot camp easily.

While dead eye implementation of the game is the most interesting and amazing aspect of the game, after playing a considerable amount of time, I was regretting using the dead eye. It is very hard to survive in the game without using dead eye and turning aim assist off. I almost felt like I was being punished by the game if I decide to not use the dead eye with aim assist off.

Even with all the above flaws, the narrative of the game is so strong yet simple, that it left me thinking about the game for the next 2 weeks. I got so emotionally attached to the songs of the game and kept on hearing them. The epilogue of the game was never boring and extremely well placed.

With all that being said above, now we shall analyze the game in more detail.


Rockstar made GTA V in 2013 and it is 2019 now and GTA V is still considered one of the best games that good absolutely gorgeous. It can clearly be understood that Rockstar never compromises in Video/Graphics department. RDR2 is so much lifelike and amazingly beautiful that the tiresome horse rides between various missions don’t get us frustrated. While they are tiresome, we get to see the stunning world created by developers.

Voice Acting and Music:

As I said earlier in this review, the game is fantastic in its narrative department. This is mainly because of the strong voice acting in the game. The sound, music, and voice acting are so strong that you care about each character in the game even though the Dutch gang being so big. Arthur, Dutch & John Marston are really strong characters in this game.


This is where the game gets dull a bit. All missions are almost the same shoot outs. I felt like I was forced to use the dead eye as much as possible. Shooting mechanics are also changed a bit. This may feel refreshing to some people, but I felt it out of pace. Though statistics show that each gun operates differently, but I felt all of them are almost the same. The same R2/RT button should be used to fire and reload. After firing with R2, if you press R2 you reload and press R2 to fire again. Though this is realistic to some people, I find it irritating because I am playing a game and don’t want a real-time gun simulator. I focus so much and aim an NPC enemy character and when I finally push R2/RT trigger to fire, Arthur just reloads the run missing the opportunity to fire. Since I missed him in my first try, now I use dead eye to shoot to avoid more frustration.

Photo Mode:

Like all games in this era, this game also provides photo mode but I felt like this is not done well. Taking a photo is a very tedious process. We have to choose the camera from our inventory and use it. Then again, this camera provides limited options. Comparing with Marvel’s Spiderman photo mode, the photo mode of this game is a bit behind. The fastest and easiest I found to take photos is to turn off mini-map and take pictures directly pressing the share button of PS4.

Though I have to admit that I took a lot and a lot and a lot of snapshots ?


This is a must play game. Truly fantabulous and amazing in every way. If there is anyone thinking to get it or not, don’t think more. Just go and get it. You won’t regret it. But do expect the game to be a bit slow, as this game is designed to be amazing because of its slow nature.



Beautiful graphics

Strong and excellent story

Emotionally driven


Repetitive gameplay

Minimum/No Stealth

Slow and laggy

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Release Info:

Initial release date: 26 October 2018
Engine: Rockstar Advanced Game Engine
Series: Red Dead
Writer(s): Dan Houser; Michael Unsworth; Rupert Humphries
Awards: The Game Award for Best Narrative, MORE
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Review By: Guru Sane 

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