Reborngamers Giveaway Steam Wallet & Pubg Mobile UC’s

Reborngamers will be hosting a giveaway on completing its 1st Year. Many gamers have supported our cause and many have come forward to help with our cause. Our Primary objective when we started was to help the Indian gaming community in any way possible. Our 1st year anniversary is on April 10th 2019. We will announce the winners on that particular date. Winners of this giveaway will be randomly chosen.

Rules to participate:

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RebornGamers is a website created by hardcore gamers, for the sole purpose of improving the gaming influence in a community. People often think of games as only fun, but it has been proved that it can be made into a career. To make your passion into a career is a dream come true, we try our level best to reach the goal for you and us. We play, review and preview games, Scout for tournaments and the latest news from the gaming world. Support us if you're a casual or a hardcore gamer, and help us build a huge gaming community. Feel Free To contact us.

A big Thanks to our brothers:

Eshan Popede,  Shahul Hameed, Guru Sane, Akshat Chourasiya and to all our gaming brothers in our group who have supported us this far. Thank you guys.

The names which we have mentioned Above will not be Eligible for the Giveaway.LOL. GG.

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