Top 10 Offlaners in Dota2

Top 10 Offlaners in Dota2 2018

Players love to play the carry role. The role of the off-laner is always forgotten. The off-laner is the one who makes life hard for the enemy carry and holds the off-lane until your carry gets farm. The primary role of the offlaner is to hold his position and try to harass the carry of the enemy team. These are some heroes which do this difficult job successfully. Considering the Presence on the lane, their win rate, and KDA ratio this list has been prepared. This is our opinion only, you might disagree with the list. Feel free to share it with us in the comments section.

10. Nyx Assassin

Nyx assassin

Nyx is the last one on our list. He is not durable like the heroes in this list, but his abilities make him much more effective in off-lane. He can stun multiple enemies and harass them by draining their mana constantly. It's not a channeled spell so you cant do anything about losing your mana. When you try to initiate on him he will just use Spiked carapace to quickly escape a gank. With his ultimate, he can go invisible and scout the battlefield for potential targets for his team. He is very good in team fights as he can stun multiple enemies with his ability. Nyx is truly a nightmare for supports or ranged heroes.

Favourite Items :

Dagon, Aghanims Scepter

Counter Nyx:

Don't solo often it would make you a potential target for Nyx or his allies. Once he gets his items he can solo kill you effectively. Get sentries placed or get a gem so he can't initiate in team fights, and stay with your allies so Nyx can't engage you. Heroes like Bounty hunter and slardar can easily counter Nyx as they can track his movements. Heroes like juggernaut and lifestealer can easily face Nyx.

9. Centaur Warrunner

Centaur Warrunner

Even after falling from grace of being THE BEST OFFLANER, Centaur is still good. His abilities make him more durable than any hero. His first ability can stun multiple enemies, and his return ability makes him more durable. You just can't engage his horns one on one as he will easily disable and kill you. His ultimate makes him and his allies more deadly in team fights or to retreat safely. This guy is a nightmare for ranged heroes and he can quickly close the gap and it's not easier to hit him from far with his passive ability Return. High damage heroes like Pa and sniper suffer badly against centaur warrunner. You don't have much choice if he has a blademail in his inventory. Heroes like Windrunner can absolutely do nothing against him.

Favourite Items :

Blademail, Blink Dagger, Crimson guard.

Counter Centaur warrunner

Get a BKB so he can't stun you or double edge you. Silence him or disable him during team fights. Kill the other heroes first before he uses his ultimate. Don't let him initiate.Don't engage him head on.

8. Dark Seer :

Dark Seer

The versatility of dark seer is just amazing. He is a great initiator and very good in team fights. Early game with his skills he can easily lane you out. His Ion shell damage is deadly in the earlier game. He can just use his Ion shell on the enemy creep making it horrible for the safelaner of the enemy to farm. He is also a good escape hero and helps his allies flee in difficult situations. His vacuum combined with his ultimate is very good in team fights as it could easily put an end to the enemies. His abilities are best suited for crowd control.

Favourite Items :

Guardian Greeves, Blink Dagger, Lotus Orb

Counter Dark Seer:

Dark seer abilities are purely magical. Get a bkb and Pipe of insight to heavily counter him. During laning stages, heroes like Chen or lich can counter dark seer, as lich can sacrifice the creep which has the Ion shell. Ranged heroes are much better to lane against dark seer. Heroes like bloodseeker can stop dark seer from being mobile, and heroes like Lifestealer who are immune to magic with his ability do very well against him.

7. Omni Knight:

Omni Knight

Considered to be a support, Omni is a very good off-laner. His skills allow him to heal himself and damage his enemies on a larger scale. His 2nd ability makes him immune to magical damage if he senses a gank in on the way. His ultimate makes all physical damage done his allies and him completely harmless. When he sees an ally on low Hp he can heal them quickly avoiding death. It really hard laning against him as he can run face on towards you and heal himself while you take a huge amount of magical damage. He can also heal a creep which also does damage to your creeps and yourself.

Favourite Items :

Guardian Greeves, Radiance, Lotus Orb

Counter Omni:

Magical damages can counter Omni Knight as he can only repel himself or his ally. Nuker heroes like Zeus, lina do very well against Omni. As Omni ultimate is pretty useless against these heroes. Silencing Omni Knight is a great way to counter him. As long he doesn't use his spells on his allies he can't do much in team fights. Hereos like Riki, Silencer is very good counters to Omni.

6. Clockwerk


This mechanical guy is really hard to lane against in the earlier game. He will just run towards you, the best possible thing you can do is run away from him. His abilities are perfectly tuned to lane out a safelaner of the enemy team. His battery assault is very effective as it will mini stun you every second up to a duration of 10 seconds making your retreat impossible. His power cogs will stop you even thinking about a retreat. Once inside those cogs, there is not a lot you can do. His ultimate makes it harder for ranged heroes to do their jobs. He is a breathing mechanical Nightmare for ranged heroes. One second he is nowhere to be seen and the next thing he is in your face with his ultimate. You cant run or hide. He is also good in team fights as he can easily reach the backlines of your team.

Favourite Items :

Blademail, Shiva's Guard, Aghanims Scepter

Counter Clockwerk:

Did you chose a ranged hero, get a force staff as your first item. Heroes with escape mechanism are very good against clockwerk. Heroes like slark, Anti-mage or ember spirit can easily avoid those dreadful cogs. Heroes who have inbuilt immune abilities are counters, Heroes like Juggernaut, Lifestealer are very good against clockwerk.

5.  Bristleback Bristleback Bristleback is a real pain when you lane against him. He will just spam his skills and there's nothing much you can do against him. You will need more survival items to lane against him. You cant attack him head on, as he will turn his back and use his skills. Once the quills spray stacks it does an immense amount of damage to you and your allies. When low on Hp bristleback will use his viscous goo to make retreat much harder. His ultimate is not a very good one. But it does its mediocre job in damage but makes him more mobile by increasing his movement speed. You can't run away from him or neither can you chase him.

Favourite Items :

Crimson Guard, Blademail, Heart Of Tarrasque

Counter Bristleback: BB has a very low mana pool. Drain his mana and he can't spam his spells. Disabling him is one way to kill him. If you are in a team fight completely ignore him and try to kill his allies first. Please don't even think about chasing him if you have melee heroes. Mostly all ranged heroes are quite good against BB. Heroes like sniper can easily kill him from far. Heroes like axe and legion commander will make BB fight them face to face which will make him vulnerable.

4. Underlord  Underlord Underlord skills allows him to farm effectively in offlane. No Matter how much you try to harass him he will keep on farming XP and Gold with his 1 st skill. The Aoe damage of the 1st skill is very good in harassing enemies and farming also. His 2nd skill in much effective against Enemy escape heroes. His passive and 3rd skill is also useful for himself and his team. His ultimate Dark Rift can teleport him and his allies if its a retreat or offensive action. He is an excellent laner and also a strong pusher of lanes.

Favourite Items : Guardian Greeves, Shiva's Guard

Counter Underlord: Laning against Ursa may be difficult for underlord as Ursa's fury swipes damage is not reduced by underlord's passive ability. Heroes like sniper can easily kill underlord from far. Sniper can easily lane against Underlord as his 1st and 2nd are useless against sniper. Support Heroes like winter wyvern are great counters for underlord as it can devastate his team when they are grouped together.

3. Abaddon Abaddon is really awesome nowadays. He can shield himself or allies from damages. He can also heal his allies by sacrificing some of his HP, and his ultimate makes him completely un-Killable. His passive skill makes enemy retreat impossible. His abilities are designed primarily to sustain himself and his allies making team fights against him a little harder. He is considered the most versatile heroes by many players in dota2. He makes life really hard laning against him earlier game as he will constantly engage you in combat. He can also have different style of item build depending on the situation of the game.

Favourite Items : Vladimir's Offering, Blademail, Solar crest, Assualt Cuirass

Counter Abaddon: Just don't hit him when he activates his ultimate. Keep him disabled or stunned until his duration of his ultimate is over. Heroes like Magnus or lion can keep him disabled long enough for his ultimate to end. You can also nuke him with huge burst damage before he activates his ultimate or it reaches the threshold.

2. Doom Top 10 Offlaners in Dota2 Doom is a versatile hero, who has become a powerful offlaner nowadays. He is capable of laning effectively with his skills. His 1 st skill Devour allows him to farm creeps effectively. His 2nd skill can protect him from ganks, as he can self-heal and stay alive longer in engagements. Doom's 3rd skill Infernal blade is an attack modifier which does a decent amount of damage and mini stun the target. His ultimate is considered to be the most powerful single targeted ultimate as it prevents the target from using skills or items. The enemy team will have effective 4 heroes against your team after the ulti which gives you an advantage early in team fights.

Favourite Items :

Shadow Blade, Drum of Endurance, Shivas Guard

Counter Doom:

Items are the real counters for Doom, items like Lotus Orb and Linkens Sphere are the most Effective items against Doom as it would make the spell completely useless. Heroes Like Alchemist are very good against doom, Alch's Ult can easily outheal Doom's Ult damage. Agility Heroes like Sniper can stay far away from doom, If ult is used also he can fight back as he isn't reliant on his spells. Healing support heroes are much effective against Doom as they can heal their ally if not doomed themselves. Silence him before he can unleash his ult and kill him before he uses his skills.

1. Beast Master Beast Master Nowadays Pro and Pub players often pick Beastmaster. He truly is a beast when pushing lanes. Summoning units to gain vision or to make the enemy movement slowed these summoned units are a pain to the enemy. His whirling axes does tons of damage and his bonus attack speed skill buffs his allies. His ultimate will make any enemy hero completely useless for 4 seconds. He is also a good Initiator of team fights and can easily push towers and destroy them. He can use the best use of his skill tree.

Favourite Items :

VladMir'sOffering, Necronomicon, Blink Dagger

Counter Beast Master:

Kill his summoned creeps quickly, As Beastmaster will be grouped together with his creeps heroes like Axe will greatly benefit. One Berseker's call will end Beastmaster and his creeps. Agility Heroes like Weaver can easily counter beastmaster. Support heroes like Winter Wyvern, Earthshaker ultimate are also good against Beast Master.

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