Dota2 Spring Cleaning Update

Dota2 Spring Cleaning Update Review  :

Another day another update in dota2, this time they have concentrated more on UI Improvements and variety of New features. We loved the way how they have allowed players to modify their profile page which is pretty cool. Now you will be able to showcase your favorite hero. The redesigned player profile seems to be good but a little complicated to use.

As dota2 has been giving us a lot of updates and changes to heroes they have included Gameplay changelog Notifications an option which will give information to the player about the updated heroes. Most needed Last hit trainer option will greatly be needed for New players and also old players so they can improve their efficiency. Holding Alt will tell the players about the buyback available for other players notifications will only be available for 45 seconds in your kill feed. New tab for International Esports matches is available to the player is well informed about the events.

We loved this particular update strategy phase Item pooling where you can now share tangos and wards with your allies before the game even starts. This upgrade is also pretty useful hold alt to know your allies cool down in Tp's. Seems a 6-month ban is on its way for negative behavior by players during matches. We think these are the worthy updates worth mentioning, but they have also included various updates and improvements for the heroes. 

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