Most Anticipated Pc Games of 2018

2017 was a great year for gaming, with amazing games in the market, and some failed AAA titles. We have some awesome games releasing on 2018. opinions might differ but these are the games which we are looking forward to. This list is just our opinion on 2018.

1. Mount and Blade: Bannerlord

Release Date: Unknown

Genre: strategy. Action Role-Playing game

The Highly anticipated sequel is coming in 2018, the last game was back in 2012, which turned out to be an awesome game.The upgrades for this game are Siege gameplay, Diplomacy, Sandbox economy and Crafting your own weapons.Be ready to put in long hours into this game.

2.  Total war saga: Thrones Of Britannia

Release Date :

Genre: Action, Strategy

Another Total war game will be here. Time to build your kingdom once again, the factions will be Anglo-Saxons, Welsh tribes, Gaelic clans or Viking settlers. Manage settlements, raise your army and conquer your enemy in a detailed campaign map.

3. Monster Hunter World 

Release Date: Unknown

Genre: Action Role-playing game

Get ready to hunt huge monsters, in a huge breathtaking world filled with wildlife. The ultimate hunting experience will make its debut soon. Set to be released on 26 Jan for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, the Pc Version has been delayed.

4.  State Of Decay 2  

Release Date: Unknown

Genre: Survival

Will you survive another world full of zombies?  Group up with other survivors to gather supplies to build your community and to kill a lot of zombies in this amazing open world adventure.

5.  Kingdom Come Deliverance

Release Date :

Genre: Action Role-playing game

One of the unique games to come out in 2018, Kingdom come deliverance has promised to give you a great experience with its one of a kind gameplay, the open-world role-playing game must have a spot in your watch list.

6. Anthem

Release Date: Unknown

Genre: Online game

EA is coming back with this open world online Multiplayer, squad up with 4 other players in your team and explore the massive world-altering terrain. Let us hope EA Delivers.

7.  Farcry 5

Release Date: 27 March 2018

Genre: Action adventure

This time Farcry moves to fictional Montana, USA. A fanatical cult will be your enemy in this open-world action game, we are pretty sure Ubisoft gives us a good game. Farcry is one of our great series of games.

8. The Crew 2

Release Date :

Genre: Racing

The first game of racing genre on our list, and the second one from Ubisoft. Explore and dominate over land, air and sea for an interesting experience. We are expecting a lot from this game as its predecessor was amazing.

9. Dragon Ball Fighter Z

Release Date: Unknown

Genre: Fighting

Do we need any introduction to this fighting game, loved by millions around the world, this game comes from the famous Dragon ball series.

10. Metro Exodus

Release Date: unknown

Genre: First Person Shooter

A lot is expected from Metro exodus, where you can explore with deadly combat skills in this survival horror game.