ESports in India

Esports in India 

The truth :

An undeniable truth and unforgiving one for gamers in India are that their parents would never allow their children to follow their dreams and take E-Sports as a career path. Most of them won't even let them take sports in General.

In India we only adore cricket and no other game exist in the world. Parents are hesitant to send their child even to become a cricket player. Cricket has been with us ever since the start of time LOL. It is ok for parents to be in a cautious state because they are just looking after us, but times are changing. How many of us want to see India shine as it does in cricket to shine in football or even E-Sports.  If the world is changing we must also change.

Facts About E-Sports :

Already E-sports has taken center stage all around the world and many of us don’t even know what e-sports is all about. E-sports is the biggest industry surpassing Hollywood and any other giants of the world. Dota 2 is an online multiplayer game developed by Valve who conducts various competitions around the world and gives pretty high Tournament prizes.

The International is one of those tournaments held every year and in 2017 it had a prize pool of $ 24 million. That's just a prize pool for a single game in a single event. Valve Conducts other competitions for Dota2 like The Majors and Minors all Around the globe. There are so many gaming companies conducting their own competitions like League of Legends, Heroes of the storm etc, etc. Every season or so we have a game like Player Unknown Battlegrounds peaking its head into E-Sports.

Now E-Sports has become a very hot commodity and the prize pool mentioned above is bigger than even grand slams of tennis and other sports. 2017 alone the total prize pool for E-Sports was $110,838,945. Esports has made a huge shout that there are people debating that it could be included in Olympics as a sport.

Prize Pool For The International Dota2: ( Prizes are for only one game)

The International 2017  USD$ 24,787,916
The International 2016          $ 20,770,460
The International 2015          $ 18,429,613
The International 2014          $ 10,931,105
The International 2013          $   2,874,380
The International 2012          $   1,600,000
The International 2011          $   1,600,000 ( First Tournament Held)

From  USD $   1,600,000 TO USD $  24,787,916. Only 7 Years Which Sports Tournament has done this before.

Issues In India :

This is so clear that we don’t have a dominant E-sports Community in India. Most of us gamers just keep to ourselves and don’t want to join any gaming Community. We are so ashamed to just say “ I am a gamer” when the whole world of gamers are showing off saying “ Proud to be a gamer”. We understand you that in India when we say “I am a gamer “ everyone just laughs at you, and no one takes you seriously.

Did you know that India is one of the countries which gave a name for Dota as a good online game when it was first launched as a Mod of Warcraft a decade back?. Dota2 has one of the largest player bases in India. But when it comes to skill bracket we stand way back.We are way back in skills than other small countries. In India, parents will say "I said Turn it off and go study" whereas Koreans say "Play more hours so you can qualify" that is the difference. It's not because of skills we are behind. We just don’t understand the seriousness of E-Sports and what it has to offer, and we are asked to look for a stable paying job rather than to follow your dream. This kind of thinking will change when the current generation of gamers starts becoming parents themselves.

Looking on the Bright Side  :

Nowadays Companies are coming forward with sponsorship for gaming events in India. Esl India has announced INR 1 Crore($157,000) as a prize pool for their premiership in 2018. This puts the event leveled with some of the gaming competitions in the region. In the near future, many more companies will come forward to sponsor even with greater prize pools. We have a huge player base in India that number has to count for something.

Strong gaming communities have to be formed. If you are a casual or a hardcore gamer join a gaming community or create a new one. We are not asking everyone to quit their jobs and studies and play games.

So what can I Do ?, REMEMBER ONE THING it's not EZ to become a Professional Player. So ask yourself. Do I have the skills to become a Pro player? Then take steps to improve your skills and compete. Build a good team of effective players. Look for tournaments, compete there if you win its a different story.

If your friend is an avid gamer, with the proper skills to become an E-Sports Professional player support him, or encourage him. If you or your friend is a gamer and good at designing think about game development. As Esports grows they will surely look for more Organising Managers, Game Casters, Announcers and much more. Many Gaming companies have started to come to India. Companies like Ubisoft and Electronic arts are already here. So there's a scope of you becoming a game tester in any one of these gaming companies.

Just be confident and have the will to make your dreams come true only the gaming community that's us can change how India looks at E-sports for negativity to positive. Support the Indian E-Sports teams, who are trying their best in E-Sports, Nothing wrong being a gamer, be proud. With new sponsors and training facilities for players, India will soon dominate the E-Sports Arena.

Lets Go India

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