MMR and Seasonal Rankings

MMR into Seasonal Ranked Medals :

Matchmaking ratings is a process of grouping the players into opposing teams.  MMR increases, and decreases when you win or lose games in ranked matches mostly its 25 MMR. Valve has officially started the seasonal ranked ladder and officially killed the numerical MMR, which was hard to achieve by spending hours and hours for years.Thank You Valve.

It says that the new MMR has been started to fulfill the balance of teams, by minimizing the skill between the least and most skilled players. So every match you will be matching against players with a similar level of skills. Let us hope it does Justice for the MMR we lost. Valve has the decency of letting players keep their original MMR by going to Profile – Stats.

Moving on to seasonal ratings over a period of 6 months you will calibrate a new medal depending on how you win or lose games. We hated valve for killing our numerical MMR but loved the way valve has implemented the medals system by being more creative. There are Seven Medals, each medal you have 5 stars to collect, once you achieve those 5 stars then you are upgraded to the next medal.

One good thing we love about this medal system is once you reach a medal you cannot be demoted for that particular season till you calibrate again. The solo matches are more effective in reaching the medals, whereas the party doesn’t have much impact.Unranked and casual matches don't affect the medal system.

The seven medals are

When implemented with the MMR the seasonal medals should look like (Rough Estimations).

Once you reach Ancient medal, the solo ranked will only affect the medal progress.

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