Kingdom Come Delivarance

Kingdom Come Deliverance is all set to be released on 13th of Feb 2018. This Role-Playing game is one of the most anticipated games for us. This game has been developed by Warhorse studios and published by Deep Silver.

KCD has promised players a lot of good aspects. This game is an Epic adventure set in the Holy Roman Empire. The game is said to have some historical accuracy and you will also get a chance to meet real historical figures. With a massive realistic open world to explore filled with Vast fields to majestic castles, this one is going to be thrilling. The decisions you make on a quest is very important, as it can influence the people and the world around you. This game is said to have great visuals and the graphics are stunning.The combat and character design is a must to watch in this game. Lets hope this game truly Delivers.

The final Trailer for KCD has been released

Farcry 5

Farcry 5 is set to be released on 27th March 2018. The game has been published by Ubisoft and developed by Ubisoft Montreal. This game may turn out to be an amazing game of 2018. Farcry's Visuals are absolutely stunning. This installation will take players to Hope County, USA where a cult of fanatics has taken control. So players have to join the resistance and try to free the community for these fanatics.

Features, like capturing an outpost, interacting with the world, awesome looking weapons, exploring the beautiful landscapes of Hope county are all there. They have implemented the companion orders feature in this installment as you can order your allies to move to a particular location or engage a target which sounds awesome. Let's have our fingers crossed that this game hits its target with lethal accuracy.

Farcry 5 Story Trailer

Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter world has been released on Xbox and PlayStation but yet to be released on Pc. The developers have said " This is our first pc game which we want to make sure we get it right", so its release has been delayed. But Many critics have praised the game for its amazing world and creatures they have designed for the players to hunt. The game promises to be one of the top games in 2018. Whether hunting Gigantic monsters or just exploring the new world this game is a one not to miss. We will have to wait for the Pc release and hope we truly enjoy hunting monsters.

Monster Hunter World Trailer