Pubg Mobile : Vikendi Snow Map First Impressions

Pubg Mobile : Vikendi Snow Map First Impressions

Pubg Mobile: Vikendi Snow Map First Impressions :

Pubg Mobile players have been waiting eagerly for this new arrival in their devices. Vikendi a Snow Map was made Playable on 21 st Dec. We have had nearly 15 matches played in Vekindi. We must admit that Vikendi has the potential to become the favorite map for many players. Pubg Mobile's Snow map which is called Vikendi is a Medium Sized map in Pubg Mobile. We were eagerly been waiting for the map to be playable. Vikendi is a snow map where the players will fight each other traveling in snowmobiles. The Map can be played as a solo, Duo, and Squad.

The map is simple When we say simple there is fewer buildings and the terrain is white. Snow pretty much covers the entire map but it has some locations which include dirt and some grass also. The bushes on some places seem to be large and allow the player to move inside the bushes. But these bushes and grass seem to be less in the map, so less space to hide. There are Small amount of rocks to take cover and minimum number to buildings to camp and kill the enemy.

Blending into the Terrain will be easy if you have a white attire to match it with the terrain. Almost the entire map is white, so try getting some white clothes which may act as camouflage. A large number of players land on some buildings such as the Cosmodrome and the castle. The ability to prone and hide are limited.

Pubg Mobile : Vikendi Snow Map First Impressions

Time for a match to complete its last ten players in Vikendi may take up to 20 to 25 mins. The larger maps such as Erangel and Miramar are huge but this map is not as small as Sanhok also. So expect a Match time of 25 mins to 30 mins. The similarity between Vikendi and Sanhok is that the weapons are easily accessible. As the Map is not suited for Hide and seek it has been designed to rush the enemies. So Please try to rush your enemies in this map as it is not recommended to camp. The terrain will force you to move constantly and be on the lookout for enemies. As it was designed to rush the enemies the long range scopes are hard to receive.

A new vehicle the Snowmobile has been added. The Vehicle seems to be slow compared to your bikes in Erangel or Miramar. There are other vehicles also on the map. But it is not really safe to use the vehicles in this map as on foot is much safer. If you absolutely need a vehicle to get to the safe zone you can use these vehicles, if not try running on foot to be safer.Vikendi is a Close quarter or Medium Ranged Encounter. This map offers offensive gameplay like sanhok.

Final Verdict:

A Medium Sized map designed to rush the enemies. The playtime of this map may end up in 25 mins. The map is well designed but it looks simple. Hiding with a squad or ambush is a lot harder. Scopes are hard to find and the gameplay leads to Medium or close combat. It is not as aggressive as sanhok but can be similar to it. Altogether a Good addition to Pubg Mobile. The Expectation of players have been fullfilled with this New Map Vikendi.

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