Top 10 Support Heroes in Dota2

Top 10 Support Heroes Dota 2

Players often choose to carry roles. Everybody will agree that a support role is the most important role in dota2. The support hero is the one who lets the carry farm, Buys courier and wards and plant them in appropriate positions on the map. They are the ones who support the team to the maximum, and they are the ones who are underappreciated in the whole world of dota2. Let's take a look at the best of these amazing heroes in dota2. This list is based on current meta, their win rate, Pro, and pub picks. Opinions will differ as this list is only our suggestion.

10. Lion 


Lion has been a great support hero all time around. But in this meta, they have nerfed him more effectively. His hex is not dispellable now. His stuns can stun multiple enemies. His ultimate does a huge magical damage. 600 damage for one point in his ultimate is huge. Draining mana from enemies mana pool is a very effective way to disable the enemy. Low mana pool heroes suffer greatly if they have an enemy lion. Keeping his enemies disabled in the primary attribute of lion. He is a great ganker and a awesome support in team fights.

Favourite Items :

Blink Dagger, Euls of Divinity.

Counter Lion :

Magic immune heroes like Juggernaut and Lifestealer work well against lion. Nyx can easily destroy lion with his ultimate and spells. Bkb is a very good item against lion. Keep him silenced and kill him immediately before he disables you. Items like Lotus orb are very effective against lion as it can reflect his abilities.

9. Ogre Magi

Ogre Magi

Ogre Magi is a great hero to have on your team. He can absorb a lot of damage from the enemy as he his pretty tanky. He can buff your allies with high attack and movement speed. His stun is quite effective against a single target. His ignite spell is a great way to harass the enemy in the laning stages. His ultimate is a passive skill to cast his spells multiple times. He is very useful in team fights as he can act as a forward position in team fights. He is not easier to kill like the other heroes in this list. He is great in ganking enemies and works really well in team fights.

Favourite Items :

Urn of Shadows, Force Staff, Glimmer Cape

Counter Ogre Magi:

This hero also suffers greatly from against Illusion based heroes like Phantom Lancer and Chaos Knight. Heroes like Omni Knight spells can dispell ogre's spells easily. Ogre magi can do absolutely nothing against Lifestealer as he can easily kill ogre. High physical damage heroes must kill ogre before he can use his spells effectively in a team fight.

8. Bane 


This guy is really a nightmare in the early game. His 2nd skill Brain sap deals huge damages to the enemy while healing himself. Low spell cooldown makes a real nightmare for the enemy to lane against him. His first skill will reduce the enemy base damage, and his 3rd skill nightmare puts the enemy in sleep as he can now hit the enemies. His ultimate is truly dreadful as you cant do anything against it. He can easily set up a team fight, put one enemy to sleep and grab another enemy in his ultimate. It's just destructive what bane can do. He is a perfect support.

Favourite Items :

Glimmer Cape, Blink Dagger

Counter Bane:

Illusion based heroes like Phantom Lancer and chaos knight are very effective against bane. He can't do anything when its hard to figure out a single target. Heroes like pudge can easily hook bane when he is channeling his ultimate. Items like Lotus orb can easily reflect his high disable spells back to him. Keep him silenced or disabled is also a good way to deal with bane as he cant do much.

7. Witch Doctor

Witch Doctor


"Feelin Good Maan"Our favourite support hero. Witch Doctor is the best. They have nerfed his ultimate so badly we cant get rampages now. But still, he is quite effective. He can stun multiple enemies, he can heal your allies. His 3rd skill allows him to do huge magic damage early game. His destructive ultimate is really awesome. No other support hero in dota2 can ditch damage like Witch Doctor. He is great in ganking enemies and his ultimate is very useful in a team fight, with his bouncing casks stunning multiple enemies. His ultimate does pure physical damage to the enemies where most support heroes have magic damage. So BKB is not that quite effective against him but can save you from the Paralyzing cask.

Favourite Items :

Urn of Shadows, Glimmer Cape, Aghanims Scepter

Counter Witch Doctor:

Move away from our ally if he has cast the cask, It will keep bouncing in between you and your ally if you don't do it. His ultimate is a channeled spell he has to stay in one location, so quickly silence him or disable him before his ultimate does its damage. Preferably try to kill him first in team fights so he can't heal his allies or cast his spells which can turn deadly to you. Heroes like Riki and silencer are great against Witch Doctor, and void can lockdown witch doctor from casting his spells.

6. Winter Wyvern


Winter Wyvern has become a very effective support and highly picked supports nowadays. Winters primary attribute is crowd control. Very good and effective in team fights. Abilities of winter are really amazing. Winter can heal her allies when in a tight spot. Her ultimate makes the enemies attack their ally for a long duration, mostly it does huge damage to the target or most likely kill the target without her enemies not even casting a spell. It's an awesome ability. It can be used to initiate a team fight or can be also used as a retreat option. Amazing support to pick in this meta. Winter is a real enemy to heroes like meepo or Beastmaster.

Favourite Items :

Guardian Greeves, Force staff, Glimmer Cape

Counter Winter Wyvern :

Magical nuke heroes like Invoker and Tinker are very good against Winter. Cold Embrace holds the target in one place so its easier for heroes to cast their high damage spells on the target. Omni knights ultimate is the perfect way to counter Winter's Curse and all damage done will be physical, it lets his team to survive the duration of the spell.

5. Vengeful Spirit

Vengeful Spirit

Apart from the aura damage, she provides to her allies, If you kill her or her allies there are illusions chasing you which does 100% damage. That makes Vengeful spirit really powerful in this meta. She can stun an enemy for high damage.  Her 2nd skill reduces enemy armor which deals decent damage. Her ultimate is great in starting a Team fight. Escape from Vs is nearly impossible as she can swap places with you, and you find yourself surrounded by enemies. Late game she is capable of doing some serious damage if she gets some items. She can transform herself into a carry.

Favourite Items :

Force Staff, Solar Crest

Counter Vengeful Spirit:

Tidehunter is an awesome counter to VS. If she swaps places with tide he can easily stun her allies with his ultimate. Heroes with illusions like Phantom lancer is very good against Vs as she will have a hard time to pick her target whether its a swap or to stun. Some items are the best way to counter Vs. Items like Linken's sphere can stop her ultimate. Silver edge will disable her passive abilities.

4. Earth Shaker :

Top 10 Support Heroes in Dota2

The best effective crowd control hero in dota2 right now. Es has always been the favourite hero of many players. He lost his way in recent patches, but folks he his back with his Echo slam. Most picked support hero in Ti8, many teams rushed to get this hero. Area of effect is Es specialty. He can stun Multiple enemies with his first skill Fissure. The second skill can also mini stun and give him a boost in damage. His 3rd skill is the effect of the crowd control. Finally, his Ultimate can stun and do huge damage if many enemies are nearby. One echo may win your team a team fight if you time it right. He's great against heroes like PL, CK and Meepo.

Favourite Items:

Blink Dagger, Euls Scepter, Force staff

Counter Es :

The Primary thing to avoid a perfect Echo slam is to not to group up as a team. Just stay a little further from each other while approaching a tower or enemy base. In team, fights try to kill Es first before he can initiate on you and deliver his destructive spells. Heroes like spectre are good in this as Es cant blink when spectre's illusions follow him. Whatever hero you pick just don't let him initiate kill him first.

3. Earth Spirit


Earth spirit has turned out to BE an effective support hero. He is a great ganker. His skills allow him to be more agile support hero in the game. He is a nightmare for the enemy mid heroes and he can quickly cover ground using his ability Rolling Boulder. He can save an ally or even distance himself from an enemy with his Boulder Smash. He can silence his enemies with Geo Magnetic grip and his ultimate does decent damage to his enemies. The most important aspect of earth Spirit is his ganking abilities.

Favourite Items :

Urn of shadows, Blink Dagger, Force Staff

Counter-Earth Spirit:

Get a BKB and a pipe best possible way to counter Earth spirit. His skills and damages are purely magical. So he can't do much against you. Lockdown heroes like Legion commander makes impossible for earth Spirit to cast his spells. Heroes like Lycan can easily rundown Earth spirit making escape impossible for earth spirit. As a mid player, you must be always aware there's earth Spirit on the enemy team. BE always on the lookout for a gank. Its impossible to place wards all around mid. So always be extra careful when playing against him.

2. Rubick


Rubick is the most played support, and in this meta, he is powerful. His skills are basically build to gank the enemy often. His awesome ultimate which steals spells from the enemy heroes can quickly turn the tide of a team fight. He is the best weapon in the arsenal of a skilled player. His first skill allows him to disable the enemy and also stun multiple enemies. Fade Bolt is very effective if the enemy team has less magic resistance. The ability to cast the spells stolen from an enemy carry makes Rubick really awesome and very fun to play.

Favourite Items :

Blink Dagger, Euls of Divinity, Glimmer Cape

Counter Rubick :

If you see an enemy Rubick in a draft, Try to go pick heroes who are fewer spellcasters. Heroes like legion Commander is great against Rubick as he cant do anything with the stolen Spells. Heroes like Slark can easily kill Rubick with his ultimate. Invisible heroes like Riki and Clinkz are so effective against Rubick. Always be sure to cast a lesser damage skill after you have cast a high damage skill in team fights. Don't allow Rubick to steal your high damage skills so he can dictate terms in a team fight.

1.  Elder Titan

Elder Titan

Elder Titan is a awesome support to pick nowadays. He can stun the entire enemy team with his first skill and his ultimate is good AOE damage. This hero is great in crowd control.  His 2nd skill is a great way to scout ahead in team fights, his 3rd passive ability reduces the base armor of the enemies which is great for a support hero to have. Pro and pub players have repeatedly picked this hero in their drafts. He is also great in ganking the enemy.

Favourite Items :

Euls Scepter of Divinity, Drum Of Endurance, Solar Crest

Counter Elder Titan:

Apart from his ability to stun enemies, he can't do much. If you see his Astral Spirit just scatter. His ultimate has a 3-second delay which can allow you to easily dodge it. His first ability also takes times so disable him or silence him so he cant stun you. Damage immune heroes like Juggernaut and Lifestealer are very good against elder titan. Heroes like sven or lich can give their team extra armor so this will make elder titans passive ability useless.

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