World War Z Class Gameplay Video Released

World War Z Class Gameplay Video Released

World War Z

Game Play Trailer for World War Z has been released by Saber Interactive. World War Z is an Upcoming Most Anticipated game which will be released in 2019. This third Person Shooter is inspired by the movie World War Z from Paramount Pictures. The Trailer gives the view of how the class-based system works in the game.

There are Six Available classes to choose from

  1. Exterminator: A class which plays with fire to kill the undead
  2. Medic: A class which focuses on the survivability of the survivors. Healing with Stim Pistol, the Medic can help to keep the fight going.
  3. Slasher: For players who would like to kill zombies in an Elegant Way or THE " Michonne Way". Slashers have sharp Blades to cut the Zombie Horde.
  4. Hellraiser: Explosives are their specialty. Crowd Control and Big bangs are their way of dealing with the zombies.
  5. Gunslinger: Who can hate this class right? Variety of guns and weapon damage is this classes favorite.
  6. Fixer: You can call them Suppliers, Versatile is the Keyword here. Ammo perks and so on.

This Zombie game will take the player all around the world with a lot of zombies and unique Survivor Stories. The zombies in this game are really fast and they are bloodthirsty. This game will feature Players working with their teammates to survive and kill the zombies. The Arsenal of weapons like Guns and blades with High Explosives are available for the players to kill zombies. Leveling up your character and customizing your survivors will enable the survivors to face difficult challenges. The game is expected to launch in 2019 and will be available on Windows, Ps4, and Xbox.

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