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Clash Royale Review

This action-packed, super addictive game is published and developed by supercell.We are huge fans of supercell games.After the tremendous success of their last game clash of clans.Let's see what this game has to offer. 

Reborngamers review :

Clash Royale is a 1vs1 online multiplayer where your objective is to destroy the enemy's tower and defend yours as well.It does not have great graphics but a truly engaging gameplay.The battle lasts for 3 minutes and if you or your opponent doesn't manage to take a tower down it gets extended for another one minute.The 4-minute battle is a thrilling, its a mental and emotional rollercoaster ride.Clash royale is a very challenging as well as the experience-based game.The more you play, the better you get at it.It has got a very large learning curve.So don't expect to win the moment you log in.You have to devote some time to learn the different mechanics of the game and get experience from it.

The game starts with a tutorial explaining the basics of attacking and deploying cards which are followed by bot matches which after completion open a whole new world of online play.Clash royale has 81 cards (for now) out of which you take 8 cards which synergize well with each other into a battle.For every win you receive chests which unlock after a certain amount of time which are used to unlock new cards or duplicate cards, furthermore, chests can be obtained by completing quests.

Clash royale has a unique system of leveling in which you collect duplicate cards in order to level it up and increase its overall performance.It boasts a good ranking system where you start from lower tier and as you learn you progress unlocking different cards and getting better rewards.The skill of the player determines which tier you advance.

The cards are further divided into 4 types(for now) with legendary cards being the most difficult to obtain.You can form clans with your friends where you can donate and receive cards.It also has a 2vs2 feature which according to supercell is double the fun where you can team up with your friend and play against others.
The most satisfying feeling is when you defeat an opponent who has better card levels than you.Obtaining a legendary card from a silver chest is the best feeling you can have.

I would highly recommend this to someone who is a fan of strategy based games. Another bonus point is that Supercell holds various competitions having a huge prize pool for the players.As you get better you can get team contracts which will pay you fixed salaries for playing the game. There are people who have made playing clash royale their full-time job.Clash Royale is the ultimate strategy based mobile game.Before downloading I will warn you that it is a highly addictive game.


Exciting & Engaging gameplay

Short duration of time

Playable anytime


Takes time to master

Process of leveling up the cards is exhaustive

P2P players have a bit of advantage as compared to F2P

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Release Info: 

Initial release date:- January 4, 2016
Publisher and developer:- Supercell
Genre:- MOBA
Game mode:- multiplayer video game
Platforms:- Android and ios


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