An Expectation and prediction which has happened. You heard it folks CS-Go is going Free to Play. One of the Top online competitive games Counter Strike Global Offensive is going to free to play. The Online FPS has been Leading the Esports arena for many years now. Valve surely knows its player's pulses. The free to play game will also feature a Battle Roya mode called Danger Zone.

Players who have purchased the Game will have their accounts upgraded as Prime Status. They will also receive a " Commemorative Loyalty Badge". These players will be able to match against other Prime Status Players. As a Souvenir, they will receive MP-5 SD Submachine Gun. The free to play players can later upgrade their account to prime for a cost of Rs.1,049 or $14.99.

Cs-Go will have its own version of the Battle Royal using the Original Formula of Tactical gameplay. Danger Zone a Battle royal mode where 18 players have been dropped into a map where they will scout for Weapons, Money and Equipment. Rescuing a Hostage or taking Contracts to take down targets and Blowing a safe to earn money. Play solo or with a 2 man team in this battle Royale.


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