Mars Son of Zeus has made a grant entry into the world of dota2 where the eternal fight between Radiant and Dire.

First Impressions:

Mars is a Melee Endurance hero. The hero is a very powerful carry. He can be played mainly in offlane. His abilities are very powerful. Mars first ability enables you to throw a spear at the enemy unit, it also pushes back the enemy unit. If the enemy hits a Tree, Building or a cliff it is impaled with a stun duration up to 2.8 seconds. Always upgrade his first ability to the max. His second ability will smash his enemies who are close to him adding a critical strike and bonus damage to enemy heroes. Max this ability second. Third ability of mars is a passive ability which protects him from physical attacks when hit from the front and side. Mars ultimate ability Arena of Blood is very op trapping heroes in an arena making escape impossible. Enemy heroes or structures like Towers or The fountain cannot attack heroes who are inside the Arena. So fountain dive without taking any damage is a high possibility here. The first 2 skills of mars have very low cooldown.

Dota2 New Hero Mars First Impressions


The talent tree for this hero is really awesome. The first skill you can choose from +8 strength or +20 Movement speed. The second one is either +8 Armor or +35 damage.The third skill will be +1.5 seconds on your first ability or +150 Damage. The final skill tree is really op. Arena of Blood gives +100 Hp regen for your allies inside the arena, Imagine how it works. Lol. or +80%crit on your second skill.

Many players after the release as expected have picked the hero and given positive feedback. The hero is fun to play and very op. The ban of the hero in every game is often seen. Offlane is a preferred lane for this hero as his ability enables him to take some attacks. Mars is a very tanky hero. He can be very effective when you build the Initiator build. Blink Dagger is a very essential item for this hero as he can blink and use his ability on enemy heroes trapping them.

There are many possibilities when it comes to combo's with other allied heroes. Heroes like Earthshaker and mars are a very powerful combo. Blink Initiate Mars followed with Earthshaker Echo slam can be devastating to enemy heroes. Heroes like Enigma, Magnus work very well with Mars. Imagine mars Ultimate with a God's Strength Sven where enemy heroes can't run away from Sven. Supports like Lich or Kotl combined with Mars ultimate are very powerful.


The primary drawback with these Endurance heroes with all their power to take so much pain is that they have so low mana pool. Mars has a very low mana pool. A total mana pool of 625 when maxed without items, is very low. A couple of hits from Anti-mage there goes your ultimate. Heroes Like Phantom Lancer who focuses on building Diffusal blade is a very effective way to counter Mars. Heroes like Riki are very effective against this hero as they can silence this hero and hit mars with his diffusal blade. Silence him before he can initiate and trap your allies in the arena, or Deplete his mana pool so he cant cast spells.

Our Way to Play this Hero:

Role : Offlaner, Initiator

Items: Blink Dagger, Crimson Guard, Black King Bar, Vladimir's Offering


After so long we can say that this hero will be fun and interesting to play. Mars is Op and we expect an update with a Nerf on the way. But the hero abilities are really amazing. So there a lot of possibilities to try and enjoy this hero's ultimate. The combo's are endless. Please do comment in the below section of which combo you think was very good. A good Addition to the pool of Heroes.

Dota2 New Hero Mars First Impressions


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