Dueling Fates Update:

I just don understand why Valve is tormenting us with these updates, a year or two ago dota2 was an awesome game with good game mechanics. It still is a good game but with these updates, valve is reducing its player base all around the world, the steady decline of player count has been felt around the globe. " What are you trying to do valve? ".

Hero review :

So coming to the update we have 2 new heroes, Pangolier who is an Escape Carry and Dark Willow is a support hero.

Pangolier :

Pangolier is an Escape carry. Really this pangolier hero skills and broken, this hero is not good at all. The hero needs a lot of work before we players even consider him a good carry. We just hate the hero's skills build and just don't want to play him. His first skill is pretty good compared to his other 3 skills. His ultimate is just wrong. We need to wait to see what valve can do about this hero to make it playable.

Dark Willow :

Dark Willow has turned out to be a awesome support, Nuker/ Disabler support who can handle things on her own. Her disabling skills are too good, and she can kill an enemy on her own with her nuking abilities, she can disable, stun, kill and even make her enemies flee with her skills. So a very good addition to the support roster, We will see this hero picked by the Pro players in coming Tournaments of Dota2.

Major Changes in the update :

MMR has been eliminated and medals are here. For more information on medals and how it works Check this link ( http://reborngamers.com/mmr-seasonal-rankings/). With this update we are sure it will do good to the ranked matches, they have changed the Picking order to T1-T2T2-T1T1-T2T2-T1T1-T2, which will allow both teams to counter the hero pick.Five heroes have been reworked and new five items have been introduced. Our favourite healing Item THE URN gets an upgrade which is good. So the 7.07 Patch is considered to be the biggest update in dota2 history.


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