F1 2017


Reborngamers Ratings: 9.2/10

Highly Recommended

Pc Gamer: 8.8


IGN: 8.9

F1 2017 Review

F1 2017 is a racing game published and developed by Codemasters. We have to say Codemasters have really become Masters in developing these racing games. The F1 2016 was an awesome game. Do you love F1, this game is definitely for you. If you are an F1 fan and want to experience the thrill of the racers, this is the game will bring you closer to that thrill.

Reborngamers Review :

So the basic things like saving your fuel, managing your tires, overtaking your opponents, its all just awesome in this game. The aspects of real f1, its rules and regulations all are implemented in this year’s edition. We must praise Codemasters for trying to mimic the real f1 into its game is just awesome and they have done a damn good job of it.

The games career mode begins with you as a Second seat driver (a racing company has two drivers while competing) for any team of your choosing, be it the Legendary Ferrari or the Rival Mclaren to Force India the choice is yours to make. You will be able to choose the length of the races determining how much Laps you want to race in your season. The minimum is 5 laps but try to go with at least 25% of the racing distance so you can experience the F1 thrill ride like dynamic weather, safety cars when your opponents make errors or to experience the pit strategies.

This game is definitely not about you being a driver alone and racing your opponents, No. You have to manage your car by determining which engine you want to race with or tires. Micro- Management is the key to this game.If you are a hardcore F1 fan this game will amaze you with its precise technical details, if you are just a racing fan who wants to race this one will make you confused.

So in the career mode, you will be given resource points for upgrading your car and your team by completing practice programmes or by putting a strong performance in qualifying and racing sessions. There is an R&D skill tree where you can make your upgrades. Decision making is very important in this game. Setting up your car is the main thing to do before a race you have to manage all the aspects of it. After setting up your car, you qualify for the race and try to win it.(the same old F1 stuff). With the usual f1 new cars this game features the classic f1 cars also, but the classic ones lack the depth and detail which the new cars offer.

This game is visually stunning, this game is so good is graphics, you will surely experience the tracks which are in f1 season to the best. The details and depth of the environment, the tracks, and the cars are just mind-blowing, it has an amazing dynamic weather system everything about this game is top notch. Codemasters have tried to give players the realistic experience of f1 which is so commendable.

Verdict :

This must be on your playlist if you are an f1 fan. This game is a real winner among f1 fans.


Expanded and unmatchable career mode

The AI is competitive

Realistic kind of thrill

A visual treat for a f1 fan


Not much appreciation for the player winning a championship

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Release Info :

Initial release date: 25 August 2017
Series: Formula One
Engine: EGO
Genre: Racing video game
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Macintosh operating systems, Microsoft Windows, Linux
Developers: Codemasters, Feral Interactive
Publishers: Codemasters, Koch Media

Here are the F1 2017 system requirements 


CPU: Intel Core i3 530 or AMD FX 4100
OS: 64bit Versions of Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
VIDEO CARD:  Nvidia GTX 460 or AMD HD 5870
SOUND CARD: DirectX Compatible Soundcard

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