Global Esports Selects Team India For Overwatch World Cup

Global Esports Selects Team India For Overwatch World Cup:

Global Esports Selects Team India For Overwatch World Cup

Esports has been growing in India Rapidly. Many players have requested the gaming companies to include the region in their competetive roster.

Overwatch World Cup has been held by Blizzard every year in November. It is an annual Esports Overwatch Tournament held by Blizzard. Ten Teams will Qualify for the main event. Five teams will qualify Directly and remaining Five teams will have to fight in the Prelims to qualify for the main event. The prelims stage allows Any national team to compete and qualify for the main event. There has been three Overwatch World cup and South Korea has reigned Supreme with Three titles to their name.

When it comes to Overwatch Blizzard has been silent about the country to participate in heir Official Tournaments. But Global Esports have been trying hard to make this possible. Hats off to the efforts of Rushindra ‘Salbatic’Sinha, Vasu ‘method’ Chaturvedi and Ashwath ‘Ashr’ Ravee India has now a slot to play in the Overwatch World Cup. Blizzard's Hesitation to Include the Region was that a very small Percentage of players from the country.

A Slot to the Prelims of the Overwatch World Cup has been achieved. Its upto the Indian Players now to get us into the main event now. Global Esports has accepted responsibility for selecting the players for Team India. After some Heavy Tryouts these are the players who will represent our Country. This is the first time India has qualifed and they will face players from around the world. This is going to be a tough fight.

Vatsal ‘Nightmare2k’ Uniyal

Girish ‘DJDestiny’ Das

Nishant ‘Archangel’ Chhabra

Aman ‘Cruzi’ Vivek

Chirag ‘Kcot’ Gupta

Sparsh ‘SoulHunter’ Oza

Megh ‘PrimalMage‘ Patel


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