How to Play Lich Dota2 Guide

How to play Lich Dota2 Guide:

"And So The Dead Will Bury The Dead”

How to Play Lich Dota2 Guide

Hero Info:

Lich in an Intelligence hero who is played as a support.

  • Hero Type : Ranged
  • Primary Attribute: Intelligence
  • Movement Speed: 295
  • Attack Speed: 100
  • Attack Range: 550
  • Vision range: 1800/800
  • Roles: Support, Nuker, Disabler


  • Frost blast: It is Magic damage with primary target and AOE damage around the primary target. It also causes movement and attack spped reduction for the primary target and the targets affected in the AOE range. The primary target unit receives the area damage first and then the base damage.
    • Base Damage: 50/100/150/200
    • AOE Damage: 75/100/125/150
    • Move Speed Slow: 30%
    • Attack Speed Slow: 30%
    • Slow Duration: 4
    • AOE Radius: 200
    • Cool down: 7 ( Can be reduced to 3s at level 15
    • Mana: 105/130/155/180


  • Frost Shield: Frost shield reduces the incoming damage on the applied friendly unit, reduces the movement speed of the enemy units around the active unit. Also does small amount of damage per second during the active time. Frost shield can be literally used at any occasion of the game, let it be gank or during a fight or to escape and even while farming. This talent can even be applied to buildings.
    • Pulse Radius: 600
    • Damage reduction: 30%/40%/50%/60%
    • Pulse interval: 1s
    • Pulse Damage: 20/30/40/50
    • Movement speed slow: 20%/25%/30%/35%
    • Frost shield Duration: 6s ( Can be upgraded to 9s at level 20)
    • Cool Down: 30/25/20/15
    • Mana: 100/110/120/130


  • Sinister Gaze: This is what we call as an animated stun. The lich pulls the enemy unit through hypnotization. It helps in locking down an enemy and will be handy in a crucial time. Sinister gaze once applied will also provide true sight over the enemy unit while in effect. The main advantage is that it provides an unobstructed path while pulling the enemy unit. It works like a toned down version of pudge hook
    • Pull Range: 500/525/550/575
    • Distance Moved: 32%/38%/44%/50%
    • Duration: 1.6/1.9/2.2/2.5
    • Cool Down: 24/22/20/18
    • Mana: 120/1300/140/150


  • Chain Frost: Everyone fears chain frost, be it any hero at any level, everyone fears it. Chain frost is the ultimate nuke attack of Lich. It is a simple magical snow ball that jumps around enemy to enemy causing the same damage every time it bounces of a hero. It is so powerful that it can kill two adjacent heroes even if they have full health before the spell is cast. Its very very rare to lose a team fight when chain frost is cast.
    • Cast range: 750 ( 850 with aghanim scepter)
    • No of Bounces: 10 ( infinite with aghanim scepter )
    • Damage per bounce: 200/400/550
    • Damage per bounce with aghnim scepter: 400/500/600
    • Move Speed Slow: 65%
    • Attack Speed Slow: 65%
    • Slow Duration: 2.5
    • Cool Down: 100/80/60
    • Mana: 200/325/500

Hero Talents

Attacks apply 60% attack and movement speed slow 25 Frost shield provides 60 HP regen
+3s Frost shield duration 20 +200 Cast range
-4s Frost Blast cooldown 15 +120 Damage
+20 Movement speed 10 +200 Health


If you are new to Dota 2 every player, every webpage, every tutorial will advise you to play LICH. Lich is one of the easier heroes to play. Lich will easily help you in understanding DOTA 2 support responsibility and in game mechanics. In addition playing lich guarantees loads of fun which of course is the main reason we play games. The major advantage with lich is he can be played in any lane. That’s how much flexible his is his abilities are.

Lich works as a combo with lot of heroes. Some of the notable are faceless void where the chrono and chain frost combo is devastating for the trapped enemy units. Black hole of enigma along with chain frost is a sure game turner. Lich can support very well in the axe’s initiation. He can provide extra protection to axe during beserker’s call also chain frost will help axe finish the enemies quickly.

Lich performs well against the heroes with illusion like chaos knight, Naga siren and phantom lancer. The AOE effect of frost blast helps to identify the hero apart from the illusions. The chain frost helps to kill the illusions in one go. Lich is one of few heroes meepo players are afraid of. Meepo dies even if we kill one of the clones. And lich can disable and keep one clone with the sinister gaze. The chain frost is a nightmare for the meepo players.

When it comes to counters lich has many counters than other heroes. Anti-Mage has easy time evade using his counter spell. Anti-mage will also pick of lich easily with his blink. Mana void will also deals extra damage. Lich should mostly avoid confrontation with any heroes when he is alone. Lich is the easy pick for any carry heroes in the mid game.

Early Game:

Lich is mostly played as hard support nuker. Be sure to buy courier and wards. Buy one tango, two clarity and a magic wand. Lich needs a lot of mana to be effective. Similar to all the intelligence heroes lich suffers from poor health. So be careful not to feed the enemy carries in the earlier part of the game. It can literally cost the game for your team. Help the carry in farming with the frost shield as it provides opportunity for the carry to be durable while early game farming. While playing safe lane sinister gaze can help to pull the enemy hero inside the tower and helps to get the crucial early kills. If you are playing offlane, use sinister gaze to pull the opponent hero away from the tower to create a chance to kill. Repeated spamming of the frost blast acts as a low level nuke and will prevent the enemy hero from farming.

Mid Game:

The main role of the lich in the mid game will be to rotate position and place wards. Be sure that you are babysitting the hard carry. Make sure you support the mid frequently to protecting your mid heroes, saving them from the gank and also trying to gank the mid. Keep using the chain frost in every team fights and make sure you are available when an enemy dies to benefit for gold and experience from the death. Accompany the carry while doing roshanmake sure you use the frost shield to support quick completion of roshan.

Late Game:

Make sure you have evasive items like glimmer cape or force staff. Opponents will be keen to jump of and finish the lich as soon as possible. Be sure that you have aghnim scepter while in the late game. When you can see more than two heroes in the fight use the chain frost. It make sure that your team can kill minimum two heroes or will make them to retreat back to the fountain. Once you reach level 25 you will be able to heal all the buildings. And make sure the opponent have to push for towers from where they started last time.

Skill building suggestion:

Frost Shield-Frost Blast-Sinister Gaze-Frost Shield-Frost Shield-Chain Frost-Frost Shield-Frost Blast-Sinister Gaze- +20 Movement speed -Frost Blast-Chain Frost-Frost Blast-Sinister Gaze--4sFrost Blast Cooldown-Sinister Gaze-+3s Frost shield duration-Frost shield provides 60 HP Regeneration.

Suggested Item Build:

  • Arcane Boots
  • Mekkanism
  • Aghnimsceptre
  • Force staff
  • Glimer cape
  • Rod of Atos
  • GaurdianGreves
  • Sythe of vase

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