Do you feel bad after rage quitting a game?

Tips to not rage quit games

Article By: Guru Sane

How To Stop Rage Quitting a Game

How To Stop Rage Quitting a Game

Seeing game trailers make you super excited. You want to play that game and experience the story it has to offer. You check the reviews of the game. It is overwhelmingly positive. Now you think, “ I  have to buy this game”. You buy the game and start it.

Now you  say to yourself – “Wow, what a cinematic opening in the gaming history.”

After cutscenes/cinematics, the actual game starts.

Wait, WHAT, I am dead in 2 minutes. Common man, let’s try one more time.

AAARGH, maybe this game is not for me. The cinematics looked so good. 

This is a situation almost every gamer might have gone through at least once in his lifetime. This happens to gamers who have just begun their gamer life. Every gamer starts with a game genre that he is comfortable with and don't like to play other genre games. As the gamer is unable to get further in the game, he rage quits the game in middle.

For an example, for a gamer who starts his gaming life with Uncharted series, he cannot get into Farcry series in his first attempt. Uncharted offers third-person shooter, whereas Farcry offers the first-person shooter. Now the gamer gets comfortable with third person view. Hiding & shooting and the third person view allows the gamer to see all the environment and the enemies behind his back.

When he tries to play a first-person shooter, the aiming mechanism feels completely different. In FPS, there is very little or no option of hiding & shooting. If a gamer doesn’t run & shoot, he cannot know of the enemies behind him. He will collapse in a matter of time.

Now gamer’s mind gets fixated to play only TPS or the genre that he is comfortable with. Every gamer wants to enjoy what he is playing. It really doesn’t make sense in playing other games where you are not comfortable and cannot enjoy. Most of the time this philosophy is true. You only have to play what you enjoy. If you don’t enjoy a game, no matter the overwhelmingly positive reviews, it is just not for you.

But for every gamer, there is a little worry and disappointment that they are missing out what the other games have to offer. This disappointment is caused mainly by Genre Boundaries. A Gamer who loves Strategy games but will also play FPS games.

For those gamers who feel disappointed & have the motive to try other genres, who want to give one more try, who want to experience that game the other gamers are praising about, I would like to give you some tips. (Gamers who rage quit due to a bug in the game and unable to proceed further, the only way is to report the bug and wait for the patch)

Easy Difficulty:

If you are stubborn enough to not give up on a game, the first advice is DO NOT UNINSTALL/DELETE the game. Instead, prepare for it. Try the easy options.

For instance, if you are a third person shooter and want to play a first-person shooter, try the game in easy difficulty mode. Enable Auto-aim feature, until you get good at aiming in FPS.

In easy mode, you cannot die easily, so start running practice. FPS is more about run & gun.

Once you get comfortable with the new genre with easy settings, it is time to change the difficulty to normal and see if you still enjoy it.

 Learning the game:

Most of the gamers have a mentality of running through the game. They don’t want take time in understanding the game menus. Many think run & gun will work, and this is where gamers go wrong.

Learning new things is difficult, but it will make your life easier. Pause the game, understand the menu of the game and all the options it has to offer. You don’t have to learn everything instantly. But try to learn more about the game in the first week after starting the game.

For an example, in the farcry game, there is skill tree. If you learn the skills and build your character accordingly, you can easily have your kill. For instance, “Kill from above” is a skill, where if you learn the skill, you can kill the enemy by jumping from above him silently without alerting anyone. If you don’t learn the skill, you will have to shoot this guy and eventually entire army is behind you arse.

For an RPG game, you have to learn on how to upgrade your equipment. You can upgrade your sword or gun to inflict more damage. For example, If you upgrade your weapon, you can kill an enemy with 10 bullets in 10 seconds. If you don’t upgrade, it will take more shots and more minutes of hack & slash your enemy and frustration Kicks In.

So learning the mechanics of the game is very important than just blindly jumping to run & gun or hack & slash.

Patience & Hard work:

Do not rush yourself to complete the story. Developers make games enjoyable mostly when you show patience. If you are dying continuously, give it a break that day. Think about it on that day, come up with some strategy and then try it the next day.

Even if all your strategies fail, look for solutions on google. Do not be embarrassed about taking a suggestion from others or from google. You don’t have to be a pro gamer. You mean to enjoy the game.

If you are not able to proceed a particular point in a game, complete it with the help and proceed further with what you have learned.

Gaming requires skill and skill comes with hard work. Be ready to die a couple of times, before giving up any game. Your hard work will ultimately give you the sense of satisfaction that nothing else can give.

Get through the first couple of hours:

When you start a game, it is expected to be difficult in the beginning. This is a common phase for every gamer. With your old game, you know the environment, ambiance & design of the game. You know how to get through a tough time in that game. You are confident with it and you don’t want to stop playing it, even if you have completed the main story.

Most gamers, when they find a new game to be challenging in the beginning, they stop playing it and go back to playing their previous game or move on to other games. Here is where many gamers get the temptation of quitting that particular game.

My suggestion is to play at least 3 to 4 hours into any game before quitting it. It’s not a good way for a gamer  to quit a game before trying to know, what the game is about. Playing the game at least 3 to 4 hours will help you analyze the game and take a right decision to go ahead or not.

I still don’t get it:

You have tried everything but still, you are unable to get into it. Then there is nothing wrong with you. This may be a case where you are not yet ready for it.

In my case, Witcher 3 was released in 2015. I was new to RPG and didn’t know anything about it. I tried Witcher 3 in 2016 and couldn’t get past first 4 hours. I did not delete the game. Later on, I have played numerous other games like Horizon zero dawn, Deus ex-human revolution.  These games did not have the deep mechanism of Witcher 3, but they had similar mechanics of RPG, from which I learned a lot. I tried Witcher 3 again in 2018 and it has been a tremendously beautiful experience. Thank god, I did not uninstall this game.

So, if there is a game which is liked by millions of people, but you are not able to get into it, don’t worry. Give the game some time and try it later after a couple of months or Try it like me after 3 years of its release.LOL

Happy gaming. Oh one more thing don't do this


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