Indian Tigers and TeamInd Eliminated from PMCO Prelims

Indian Tigers and TeamInd Eliminated from PMCO Prelims:

Two days of Pubg Mobile Club Open Grand Finals Prelims have ended. The two indian teams tried to the maximum. For the fans in India, Indian Tigers gave us a last roar as they got the Chicken Dinner of the last match.The nail biter last match was more than enough for the Indian fans. Indian Tigers were 10 points short for qualifying to the grand finals.  Indian Tigers had a Better series of games than TeamInd. The gameplay of the teams were satisfying.

A lot of Mistakes and Hesitations are the primary formula for not getting qualified. Every match we have to pray that these two teams will not clash against one another. Although they were not in Berlin for the prelims and many supporters of the games said that it is a ping issue. They have completed the matches and they did well. We should be proud of our Youngsters. Well Played Guys.

The Prelims were altogether as interesting event. Many Teams such as X-Quest and PLM were amazing.

We Still have TeamSoul in the finals. Lets Go India.

The teams who qualify for The grand finals are the top 5 teams:

  1. Purple Mood - 304
  2. X-Quest - 302
  3. Team Queso - 203
  4. TES - 200
  5. ARG - 185
  6. Indian Tigers - 175
  7. Knights - 175
  8. NVM - 167
  9. Omen - 156
  10. Rg - 143
  11. Secret - 141
  12. TeamInd - 126
  13. Dm - 113
  14. Top- 93
  15. KS - 57

PMCO Grandfinals Berlin - July 25th to 28th 2019


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