Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 Review

Reborngamers Ratings: 9.8

Highly Recommended

IGN: 8.7

Metacritic: 8.7

Gamespot: 9.0

Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 Review

Marvel’s Spider-Man is an action-adventure published by Sony Interactive Entertainment and developed by Insomniac games for PS4. The game was released on 7th Sep 2018.

Reborngamers Review:

These days standard of games is expected so much more than it just being a game. Any standard AAA title is entitled to have a good story with good skill progression system and proper leveling system. Marvel’s Spiderman is no different from any standard AAA game and has proper game design and well-written story in place.
However, the most interesting aspect of Marvel’s Spiderman is it tries to be a game that tells you to play and enjoy more rather than asking for a story to get motivated enough. I have enjoyed playing this game more than the story it offers. Don’t get me wrong with the story. The story is amazing as well. My personal opinion is the game offers more amazing story than the stories told by the recent Spiderman movies. Well, this is just my opinion and I don’t want to offend any of those Spiderman movie fans out there.

This game does not push you to improve your levels but the game is so damn good to play, that one finds themselves leveling up automatically by swinging through the city and stopping crimes.

This is a Spiderman game that everyone was waiting for. When I was swinging through the city, falling and jumping, I felt like Spiderman. I am mostly a casual gamer but this game made me go for the platinum trophy. Even after completing the game 100% and getting the platinum trophy, I find myself pulled back towards this game, just to swing through the New York City.

Like any other PS4 game, this game also provides PHOTO MODE, to capture photos and videos of your gameplay. But I must say that this game satisfies you so much using PHOTO MODE to capture photos. You get to take photos of Spiderman while swinging or in the air or doing a combo attack. Details are amazing in PHOTO MODE like one can see the web shoot out of spiderman hands, take selfies on the ground or in air & change color of photo mode to filmic COLOR and so on. Even the resolution of Spiderman suit is not compromised. It looks amazing in both cutscenes and gameplay alike.

The game offers a great Spiderman story. You get to see the story from 4 different perspectives. You get to play as Spiderman mainly. Then you get to play some story as Peter Parker, Mary Jane Watson & Miles Morales. While the gameplay of the individual characters feels the same, each perspective tells the story from their point of view.
As I said earlier, I personally find the story of this game much better than the movie story. It is just my personal opinion. This may be because I was playing as Spiderman and got myself deeply immersed in the story.

When this game was announced, I was pretty sure to assume that the graphics will not be good, to achieve smooth gameplay. Thank god, I was wrong. The game has stunning visual graphics of characters, buildings and all the objects in its world. With so much detail in every frame, Insomniac has nailed this game to run at 1080 resolution with 30 fps steady frame rate. The game is best played on PS4 Pro due to intense & stunning graphics, but I was able to play it very smooth on my normal PS4 Slim.

Sound & Music:
When you first start to swing, you will hear that goddamn great music of Spiderman. That music will give you the chills and you will feel like THE SPIDERMAN swinging through the city. And from there, whenever you are in the air, swinging, you will hear this music again and again. I have heard this music for more than 35 hours of my gameplay and never got bored of it. Music during cutscenes is also very good.

The acting of Spiderman is very well done. I felt him like the Spiderman from my childhood. The Peter Parker who constantly talks to himself while swinging and apart from being genuinely brilliant and intelligent, also makes hilarious jokes during combat. This is the Spiderman I always remembered from my childhood and I always remember.
All other characters are also very well acted. I found the character & acting of Doctor Octavius very appealing.

Gameplay & Combat:
Gameplay is the strongest attribute of this game. One can never get bored of swinging through the city. The combat is also engaging and not easy going. One needs to level up properly, develop the required skills and unlock the gadgets.
Using the gadgets and applying the combos during combat feels intensively satisfying. The game provides various side missions, backpack tokens to collect backpacks, research tokens for completing researches for Harry Oscorp, tokens for taking pictures of famous places or sculptures and challenge tokens for completing the challenges.

All these optional things never feel bored. Each activity feels different and satisfying to complete. The challenge tokens get unlocked late in the game and are difficult to get. Research stations are also good, where you get to work on researches for Harry Oscorp.
There are also 2 types of puzzles in Octavius industries, where Peter Parker works with Doctor Octavius. Both Circuit bridge puzzles and barcode puzzles are good and require the gamer to put some mind without getting bored.
There was one side quest, where I had to track the pigeons and catch them. It was very hilarious when Spiderman was talking and saying, “I hope nobody sees me chasing pigeons and catching. Else people would say Spiderman has gone nuts and catching pigeons”. After some time, JJ Jameson tells the same thing on radio that Spiderman is chasing pigeons and the whole city gets aware of it.

This is truly a masterpiece game and it deserves all the hype it gets. Both story and gameplay are amazing. Now the game has also got patched with “New Game Plus” mode. I recommend for any gamer to go for a platinum trophy, as this game is simple in terms of trophies. One can never get bored doing repetitive tasks to complete 100% of the game.


Amazing swinging
Very good story
Beautiful graphics
Never get bored of the gameplay


Cannot swim in Water ?

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Release Info:

Initial release date: 7 September 2018
Developer: Insomniac Games
Composer: John Paesano
Composer: John Paesano
Designer: James Cooper

Review By: Guru Sane 

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