Navi Vs fanatic Epic Ending in GESC Minor 2018

Are Navi Back. We don't know about that. We sure know they played one of the best games of 2018 in dota2. Two teams had a 1-1 and the 3rd and final game looked like fanatic were going to win. We are dedicated supporters of Navi and watch every game only to get disappointed. We thought its GG with mega creeps. But this game the comeback was too real. With the rapier purchase on the Lina(Dendi) they pushed for the ancient ultimately winning it. We can't believe that Navi won the game and advanced to the semifinals of the GESC Indonesia Minor. We don't care if they win or not. But the game which they played is a testimony that Navi has the old brilliance in them.

Winning MomentsNavi win

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