New Hero Dota2 T19 Reveal – Snapfire

New Hero Dota2 T19 Reveal - Snapfire:

New Hero Dota2 T19 Reveal - Snapfire

The Lizard Grandma with Cookies. The Big Reveal When it comes to Hero's in The International 2019. New hero Trailer has been revealed about a new Hero called Snapfire.

Snapfire is a new hero maybe a offlaner or a support according to the caster panel. Sheever and Sir Action slacks were talking about the roles but we are not sure which role the new hero.

The abilities were that The Grandma Hero threw some cookies and it looks like a buff or something. Grandma is a mounted Hero with Pretty big guns and she rides a Lizard. Her ulti must be firing a lot of guns and there was something about the movement of the hero as well. The trailer includes Snapfire against Timbersaw and Batrider suggesting that she can be a support or a offlaner for the game. The hero will be available to play in Fall 2019.

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