Ninja Midori Review

Ninja Midori

Action Adventure

Reborngamers Ratings: 7.6


Review By: Guru Sane

Ninja Midori Review 

Ninja Midori is an 8-bit platformer game developed and Published by Bajo Games.

Reborngamers Review:

Ninja Midori is an 8-bit platformer game. These kind of games are very rare in this era of games but are a hope for those gamers who like to play challenging games. There is nothing great to expect graphics wise with an 8-bit platformer, but we can expect a good amount of fun in its gameplay. The gameplay mostly involves jumping and escaping the enemies in your path whilst using ninja star blades to clear out enemies wherever needed.

The game starts with introducing you to the context of the game that Akuma the Evil Devil has stolen Princess Sera & the princess has one hope & it’s you Ninja Midori. This simple motivation to save the princess is fair enough for any gamer to keep playing this game until the end. Many great games have been made with just this small & simple concept like ICO, Shadow of Colossus etc. For these kinds of games, it’s gameplay where it shines rather than the story.

I am a gamer who likes to play sitting on my couch with a controller rather than a mouse & keyboard. When I started the game, I did not expect this game to have a controller support but I was amazed by the developers when I found out it had controller support for an 8-bit platformer. The game has mapping information to both PS4 & XBOX controllers.

I have to say that this game is not as easy as it looks. It’s a bit challenging. You only have 3 lives and 10 ninja ammo with each level. Gamers who seek a challenge can definitely find this game amusing and joyful.

I find it very interesting that this game is not just run & escape kind. It can be played with timed strategy. You can time your jumps and attack patterns. There are different kind of enemies and each type move at different speeds. So you have to time your jumps and sprint as per the speeds of different type of enemies. You can also shoot the enemies while jumping. All the levels can be replayed even after finishing them.

Personally, it would have been more fun to me, if it had bonuses in the middle of the level. Bonuses like more ammo in the middle of the level or getting an extra life like in the Mario game.

Average gamers similar to me like to fight with the standard difficulty setting. If they are not able to proceed further due to difficulty, then they tend to decrease the difficulty level to continue further, rather than quitting the game. It is rather not a trend in such type of games to put a difficulty setting, but it would be interesting to put one. I would have found it more amusing if the number of enemies can be decreased or increased based on difficulty setting.

If this game is ported to Android or iPhone, gamers would have a blast playing this one. It would be more interesting to introduce a reward system in place, like collecting gems with each level, as the reward system improves the replay value by motivating gamers to collect something. It would be a nice to have a feature to buy ammo with the collected reward points.


An Interesting 8-bit Platformer game which is fun and challenging.


Fun to play

Simple & Challenging game

Play with strategy

Controller support

Levels can be replayed at any time


No reward system

No spare life or extra ammo

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Release Info :

Title: Ninja Midori

Genre: Adventure, Indie

Developer: BajoGames

Publisher: BajoGames

Release Date: 7 Jun 2018

System Requirements :


OS: Windows 7

Processor: intel core 3

Memory: 800 MB RAM

Graphics: 2nd Generation Intel Core HD Graphics (2000/3000), 512MB

Storage: 850 MB available space

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