Piracy of Games in India
Piracy of Games in India:
India is a developing and Vast Country. We are so advanced that now we send in Cost Effective rockets into Space.  But still, most of the Indian gamers are still using Pirated(Cracked) Games.
The main reason is that most of the Indian Gamers are in the age group of 13 - 24. Indian Parents don't Allow them to Spend 100's or 1000's of their funds on Purchasing Games. This is why Mobile gaming is so popular nowadays in India. A Normal game will cost you nearly Rs.2000 which is pretty high by Indian Standards.  According to the parents, Gaming will spoil their child's Future.
So most Indian gamers turn to Pirated games available on the Internet. They need to Download Crack Games because it just requires Internet Connection or a Copy of Game Files and Cracks are easily Available right now. They will have to wait for some time after the initial release.  When a Cracked version is available they will download it and play it for free.

Another major point is that for playing online Multiplayer Games like Fortnite, PUBG, Apex Legends, etc. Require a Good Internet Connection which is also expensive if you go for a Good Connection also they don't have capable enough rig to play games so they need to play games at the lowest setting on offline games. An Affordable Pc is not cheap in India. A Gamer to play on decent settings will cost you around Rs.50,000 which is so high. So gaming in India is high in cost.

Proof of Progress:

Since as Gaming is taking its place in the mind of Indian Youths and more Gamers are now Purchasing Games. That is a good Sign of progress. Another Initiative was done from Apex Legends Since it was free to play so more Gamers are shifting from pirated copies to genuine ones.
What Developers can do?? : Developers can reduce the prices of Games in India for some time after most of the Piracy gets stopped because it is Impossible to stop Piracy completely but they can reduce it up to 90%.
Note to All Gamers: Please Purchase Games it Supports the developers and encourage them to develop more Games which are better than previous ones.

What can We do?
Reborngamers will try to do something new since PC Gaming is more popular and most gamers in India are Pc gamers. The cost factor affects this also.
So We are just going to Start Reviewing PC Hardware which is related to Gaming. Since PC Gaming cannot be done without any good Gaming Rig. Once you have a gaming rig you can do more in gaming like you can Start Streaming, Create Gameplay Videos which requires a Good Gaming Rig.
We have a PC Builder in our Gaming Community named Akshat Chourasiya. He is a Professional Builder and has a lot of Knowledge of PC Building and Parts. We will also guide you if you have any Problems while Building any PC or When your Game crashes and Any Error Occurs. Also, we will provide you Reviews of Gaming Parts.
We just want Support our readers in any way possible.


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