PUBG Mobile Club Open Grand finals Prelims - Day 1


PUBG Mobile Club Open Grand finals Prelims:

Pubg Mobile Club Open India was a success. Now we move on to the PMCO Global Finals Prelims. Total of 15 Teams will battle out and only top 5 will qualify for the PMCO Global Finals. TeamInd and Indian Tigers are the Indian teams who will be competing to Qualify for the global finals. Team soul already qualifed for the Global finals.  With the Indian teams visa's Denied, they are in a huge disadvantage. Lets Hope and Pray they can make it.

Live Update

Team Standings : After Day 1

1.X-Quest  - 181

2. Purple Mood - 148

3. Nova Monster Shield - 100

4. All Rejection gaming - 99

5. Omen Elite - 97

6. Top Esports - 90

7. Pittsburgh Knights - 89

8. Team Queso - 89

Day2. Will Be updated here Once the Matches commences

9. Team Secret - 66

10. Indian Tigers - 66

11. TeamInd - 63

12. Team Top - 56

13. Deformia Meditari 99 - 52

14. RG Star Team - 40

15. Kurd Squad - 36

Day 2 :

Match 11: Erangel


Match 10 : Vikendi

Same Results and all hope for the Indian Teams are shattered. TeamInd went out early and Indian Tigers survived to mid game.

Match 9 : Erangel

This erangel game favoured Indian tigers greatly. They did a great job to finish 2nd place. Indian Tigers also got many kills in this match. But Teamind failed again early. The fnial two Teams were PLM and Indian Tigers , but the final zone favoured PLM and that led to the downfall of Indian tigers. But still a great game and good points for Indian Tigers. They still have a chance.

Match Winners: Purple Moon

After Match9 :

TeamInd : 11th Position

Indian tigers: 9th Position

Match 8 : Miramir

Chances for the Indian Teams are going slim. Indian Tigers Eliminated early game. But Team Ind stood their ground and were placed 4th. There is still a chance but they have to end the remaning games in top 3 if they are going to have a chance. Team Queso from the south America won this game.

Match Winners: Team Queso

After Match8 :

TeamInd : 12th Position

Indian tigers: 11th Position


Match 7 : Sanhok

Great start for India in day2. Although TeamInd didnt make a impact. Indian tigers did roar and they did roar loud. Although PLM won the game Indian Tigers took 2nd place and most importantly they did fight well against the top teams in the match. Indian tigers also got decent amout of kills. The last fight Indian tigers had a great chance but they made mistakes which cost them the match. But still agreat start for them in day2.

Match Winners: Purple Mood

After Match7 :

TeamInd : 11th Position

Indian tigers: 9th Position

Match 8 : Erangel

Well Last game they did roar but this game they got shutdown pretty bad Indian Tigers and were eliminated as the first team. Team Ind Did hang on but they went down with 9 th position. X-quest the team which is unbeatable rose up again they win this game. They can still qualify Indian teams but they got to rise their game and be consistent in the points.

After Match8 :

TeamInd : 11th Position

Indian tigers: 10th Position

Day 1:


First game of the prelims was in Sanhok. Early game it was very peaceful as all the teams where passive and didnt engage much. But after the 15 mins mark the zone pushed these teams. Team Ind was Knocked out early in this match. But Indian Tigers did survive the Intial fights and were Placed in 5th Position. Indian Tigers in this match got 3 kills placing them 5th Position in the leaderboards whereas Team Ind were last place.

Match Winners: X-Quest

After Match1 :

TeamInd : 15th Position

Indian tigers: 5th Position

Match2 Erangel:

This game Teamind was aggressive and Indian Tigers were passive. The winner of the previous games were knocked up early game. TeamInd for the aggressive play got 7 kills. Nova Monster Shield had a Defensive position and all other teams tried to break them. But they stood their ground and won this match. TeamInd Daljit as usual was aggressive and got 4 kills in the match.

Match Winners: Nova Monster Shield 

After Match2 :

TeamInd : 13th Position

Indian tigers: 8th Position

Match 3: Miramir:

Another passive early  game until the zone pushed the teams. X-Quest is back  to winning again. The first Team to register 2 Chicken dinner's of the day. The Indian teams didnt do much in this match. But Indian tigers are consistent in team placings. Indian Tigers managed to get 5th place in this match. Team Ind didnt perform much in this match.

Match Winners: X-Quest

After Match3 :

TeamInd : 12th Position

Indian tigers: 8th Position

Match4 Erangel:

This match had everything. It had the most insane ending. This Chinese Team X-Quest is really amazing. They got the victory and it was amazing. It was a Sad game for the Indian Teams when both the Indian Teams had to faceoff each other early game. Team Ind Managed to erase Indian Tigers which is a huge setback for Indian Tigers in the points table. But TeamInd got many kills in this match and some good points to push them up the points table. TeamInd had the chance to kill the Chinese team X-quest but they failed to do so. Third Chicken Dinner for X-Quest and extend their lead in the leaderboard table.

Match Winners: X-Quest

After Match4 :

TeamInd : 11th Position

Indian tigers: 12th Position

Match5 Vikendi:

Vikendi map is a map where you got to stick as a team. Indian Tigers lost their Teammate Early and were at a disadvantage. TeamInd also didnt get a lot kills. The chinese team were placed 9th as the teams who were in the lower table mostly gained points. Pittsburgh Knights from North America took the win. Team Queso the south american team were placed 2nd. Not a good match for the indian teams as they fall back in the points table.

Match Winners: Pittsburgh Knights

After Match5 :

TeamInd : 10th Position

Indian tigers: 12th Position

Match5 VErangel:

Last game of the day. The Indian Teams were barely surviving. Not a good Performance in the match. Purple Mood had won the match and it was a great Performance.

Match Winners: Purple Mood

After Match6 :

TeamInd : 10th Position

Indian tigers: 11th Position


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