Quake Champions Free till 18th June


Quake is back Folks. Quake champions is in early access. It is yet to fully launch. Bethesda has been running a lot of Beta tests and has launched the game on Steam for Early Access. Although the final release of the game is set to Free-to-play, Bethesda has announced that the early access of the game costs USD$30. But they have also announced that the game will be free to download until 18th of June before moving into the $30 price until its Final release. So make sure to download the game before 18th of June so you can have it for free if you cant wait or wait for the final release.

First Impressions:

After playing for nearly 24 hrs now, Bethesda has done an amazing job. The game looks awesome, gameplay is very well done. The movement and combat system look top notch. The loot boxes and crates and leveling your profile with amazing rewards is really great. Just Felt like the good old days when we used to play quake. We think this game will soon become popular. Matchmaking seems to be very fast. If you are from India then there are no Ping issues. For a game which is in early access, this looks so promising. Will be a great addition to the Esports Arena.


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