Raji: An Ancient Epic from India

Raji: An Ancient Epic from India

India a place of diverse culture, languages, and religion. Over decades India has dazzled many researchers around the world with its culture and amazing stories in its diverse religion. All the amazing aspects of India set's up to develop various stories which will be awesome for a game. We already have the technical background to produce amazing games which can rival the AAA companies. 2017 was a good year for Indian game development and 2018 has started to look promising from the start. It's Time we have an amazing Epic AAA game on our own to rival the gaming companies of the world.

The first Indian Game to make it to E3. The first-ever Indian game developed by an Indian Indie Developer to make it to Microsoft's E3 Conference. Shortly after the E3 Conference, the game has been nominated for Unreal Awards 2018.


Raji : An Ancient Epic Preview


This game Looks Epic, its graphics are Top-Notch, its hand-painted art style is breathtaking, the gameplay looks good.  This epic game which has been published and developed by Nodding Heads games from Pune, India. It is an action-adventure game set in ancient India. Raji, A young girl who is chosen by the gods to fight against the demonic invasion of the human realm. Raji's objective is to rescue her younger brother and defeat the demon lord Mahabalasura.

We are telling you guys this game will be the start of the game development Era in India. We are eagerly waiting for the game. Raji can use her trident for melee and ranged purposes according to the demo. The combat looks amazing with execution moves to be performed by Raji which will regain her lost health. The combat did happen to have minor issues but we are sure it will be rectified.

Raji has some cool combat abilities like chain lightning. There is also puzzle-solving mechanics in the game, by the looks of it when you solve the puzzles it makes a completed pattern of the "Kolam" which is visually stunning. The sound is the game is very good. So all in all this game looks wonderful. Let's hope this Ancient Epic be the start of the expected Golden Era of game development in India.


A new trailer has been released by Nodding Heads.




Watch the Enchanting Trailer here:


Watch the Epic Trailer 

Demo Gameplay

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