Rebirth King: A Indian Idle RPG App


Unleash the wrath of Indian Gods on Demons: Rebirth King Idle RPG is published by Thunder Games Inc. Its Set to be released on June 2018. Pre- Registration is in Progress for the App. Mostly the players have given a good score for the gaming App. Apart from some glitches and crashes reports from the players, this gaming app has been praised by the players who have played it.

Features :

Lead an army of your beloved Indian Gods in ever-unfolding wars against fiercest of demons mankind has seen. From Kali to Shiva to Ganesha to Hanuman, feel free to choose any one or more gods and use their skills and weapons, and your strategic skills, to defeat waves after waves of ungodly demons, goblins and dungeon bosses. Write your own mythological battle lore.

Pre Registration Here : Rebirth King

Google Play: Rebirth King 


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