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20 Mins of Just Cause 4 Gameplay Presentation

20th Sep 2018

Just Cause 4 is all set to be released on 4th Dec 2018. Recently Square Enix and Avalanche Studios have released a presentation of their latest game for the series. Originally showed in gamescom2018 the video shows the sheer size and scale of the world in Just cause 4. This game is considered to be the most beautiful and varied Just cause to date. A lot of gameplay opportunities and awesome weather conditions , its time for our Hero Rico Rodriguez to form an army of his own to take down the paramilitary group known as the Black Hand.

Gameplay Presentation:

Elder Scrolls Online Free to play for 6 Days

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Bethesda has encouraged players to play the Elder scrolls online free for 6 days.  The elder scrolls online will be available free to play for players from August 8th to August 15th.  The pc standard Edition will cost you $19.99 whereas Xbox one and PS4 will be $15. It doesnt have a subscription to play but you have to purchase the game first. To tempt the players to keep playing after the free days Bethesda is also holding a sale. The base game and Vvardenfell zone are offered completely free to play on all platforms.

Quake Champions Free To play

Quake Champions Free to Play

Bethesda and Id Software has announced that Quake Champions the Arena shooter will be Permanently free-to-play. The most loved arena shooter was first announced in 2016, it has been in Early access since then. The game's early access is available on steam but information on when the full release has not been announced. Quake Champions looks promising in early access as we have already played the early access. Quake Champions consists of fast-paced Arena shooting, Bethesda has released a New trailer for the game with the introduction of a New Hero "Death Knight. Quake Champions looks promising but we have to wait for the full release and hope it does justice to its predecessor's which we have all loved.

New Trailer

Total War 2: Rise Of The Republic Release Date Announced

Total war 2

19th July 2018

The Next Installment in the Total War 2 Series has been announced by Sega. Total War 2: Rise Of The Republic will be available to players on August 9th, 2018. This is the Prequel for Total war 2 which has been set 127 before Rome's 2 Campaign. Nine Detailed and playable factions for the player to build an army. Many additional and unique features have been added to the new game. Trailer of the game has been also released.

20 Minute Anthem Gameplay Video Released


5th of July 2018

Anthem is EA's Upcoming Online Multiplayer game developed by Bioware. A lot of expectations have risen over the game as it looks absolutely awesome. EA has released a 20 Minute gameplay video of anthem in the Youtube channel of the game. The video was shown in the E3 showcase. In the video 4 freelancers complete the Mission "Scars and Villany". Anthem is set to be released on 22nd Feb 2019.

Elder Scrolls 6 Teaser Released

E3 is always been fun to gamers all around the world. It's a place where they get to hear the news of game releases. Often Gaming developers have used the E3 to surprise their fans with their releases. Bethesda has announced that the Elder Scrolls 6 is in works. The fans have waited so long for the announcement. There was not much information about the New Release but they have given us a Sneak peek with the game's Teaser.

Entity Gaming Qualify For The Main Qualifiers The International 2018



Entity Gaming has made it through to The International Main Qualifiers. Entity Gaming Beat Task Us titans in the open qualifiers to qualify for the Main Qualifiers. After losing to TNC Tigers in open qualifiers 1, they had another chance to qualify. They took their chance and qualified to the main qualifiers. So A Indian Esports team is in the main qualifiers of THE International 2018. Let's Hope and Pray they make it.

Update :

They lost to TNC tigers in Main qualifiers.


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