Doom Eternal Teaser

Bethesda and Id Software announced a sequel to their excellent and awesome Doom 2016 game. The sequel was announced in the E3 2018. After 2 months in Quakecon, they have released the Teaser and a gameplay for the new game which looks very promising. We loved the previous Doom game and it got us all excited to hear about Doom Eternal.

The Official release date is yet to be announced but the gameplay looks awesome. The setting of the game has changed as Earth is overrun by hell. We can see the burning Skyscrapers and a lot of open wastelands. In this new arrival, we get to kill a lot of different types of demons and combat has been fine-tuned for the player to kill demons in multiple ways.

New additions like wall climbing, grappling hook. mounted flame thrower and tons of weapons can be seen in the gameplay. The combat style will be similar to the previous game but new features like fast movement, Double jumping, and more execution moves will make it very interesting. We loved Doom 2016 judging by the gameplay this game will be must to play in our list. Doom Eternal is expected to be released next year.

Gameplay Revealed 


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