Satire: Riot is Fixing LEC Matches To Further Popularize LOL Esports

Satire: Riot is Fixing LEC Matches To Further Popularize LOL Esports

The world of competitive gaming can be hard. Any person who is even slightly familiar with esports knows this. It is not just hard for the players who practice day in and out to get better at their game but also for the organizers and developers. Maintaining a steady viewership in esports competitions is challenging.

LoL esports, on the other hand, has seen their viewership going only one way and that is up. But do not get fooled by these numbers. Once you remove the Chinese viewers you will see that the LoL Worlds 2018 finals had lower viewers than the previous years' finals. The reason for this (according to people who work with Riot closely) is that no Korean team was in the finals and this led to a drop in viewers.

This, my dear readers is a lie. The actual reason for this, the reason that Riot does not want anyone to know, is that the competitive scene is getting a tad boring. Sure, Worlds 2018 finals were truly exciting as top teams lost and no Korean team made it to the finals. (I am definitely not going to bring up that 3 players of Invictus Gaming including their coach are in fact Korean)

Then why did viewership decline then? The masterminds behind League of Legends Esports will not just sit back and watch their viewership drop. So what are they doing to prevent this? Well, the answer will leave you shocked. Apparently, if an Instagram story from LoL esports' official account is to be believed, matches are being fixed. More precisely, LEC matches involving Worlds Runners Up-Fnatic are being tampered with to make the scene more exciting.

Satire: Riot is Fixing LEC Matches To Further Popularize LOL Esports

The Instagram story does say that the reason Fnatic's matches were fixed in the initial weeks of LEC was to root out the fake fans. I will give Riot this, that is one hell-of-a cover story.

The actual reason for Fnatic's amateurish performance was not because Caps left the is because the matches were fixed to make them loose. This will get media outlets talking about the poor show by the world finalists. More people talking about the game =More viewers in competitive games.

I am pretty sure the people back at Riot Games' headquarters are giving themselves a pat on the back for pulling this stunt in the LEC to generate more views.

This article is fictitious and meant to be satirical

Satire By: Wasif Ahmed

"Wasif Ahmed is an avid gamer from India who closely follows Esports. He mainly games on mobile and loves Vainglory, Critical Ops and PUBG Mobile. Apart from gaming, he loves writing and has written many gaming related articles . He loves competitive gaming and watching esports competitions in games across all platforms such as DotA 2, LOL, CS: GO and Fortnite"

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