Serious Setback For Indian teams In PMCO Prelims

Serious Setback For Indian teams In PMCO Prelims:

This is huge disappointment. Pubg Mobile Club Open India winners Team Soul and other two Teams TeamInd and Indian tigers have been Denied Visas to enter the country. The main reason for this denial was because of the lack of a government organization in India that monitors esports events said Mortam from Team Soul in his live streams. If there was an Official organisation for Indian Esports then they would have issued Official Letters for the teams to participate for the event.

Since Both the teams Team Ind and Indian Tigers cant reapply to procure another visa they have to play from Nodwin gaming office for the prelims. This will lead to a Serious Ping disadvantage for the two teams which will compete against 14 Teams from the world to qualify for the finals. Well done India.

There is a Chance for Team soul to reapply and this time they should be able to get their visas. We have to wait to confirm.

This is not the first time. A Indian Team called Cyclone GG didnt participate in Pro Series Texas in the US due to visa issues.

The Prelims are set to happen in 20th july 2019.

What must we do to get recognition?. These guys perfomed well and they qualified. But their Dreams and hopes are in question now. This is how Esports is in India.


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