Team Soul Obtains German Visa – Indian Tigers Team Split

Team Soul Obtains German Visa - Indian Tigers Team Split:

Team Soul Obtains German Visa - Indian Tigers Team Split:

Finally, Team soul obtains German visa and they are on their way to Play in the Grand Finals of the Pubg Mobile Club Open in Berlin, Germany. The gaming Community of India were so supportive o Team Soul. Gamers took to twitter after they received the news that Team Soul, Indian Tigers and Team Ind were denied Visa by the German Authorities. Every gamer from India was talking about the lack of Recognition by the Indian govt to the players in Esports.

Due to Their Visa's Denied TeamInd and Indian Tigers were forced to play their Prelims from Nodwin Gaming Office. Many gamers during the Live event were discussing about the ping issue. Indian Tigers Team Member indeed confirmed in a Youtube video that The Ping wasw 180ms for the last two games. So they did have Ping issues during the Prelims. Indian Tigers were only 10 points away from qualifying to the Grand Finals. If they were only present in Germanu without Ping issues would have been a Different story.Indian Tigers team will announced in the video that the team is going to be split and IT Carry will be leaving the team. Their split was to make a much stronger team to compete.

Team Soul are on their way to Berlin to compete. The huge fan following will be there to support Team Soul as they perform in the Grand Finals Tomorrow. It will be interesting to see Team Soul go against the Best Teams from the world. After all this hurdle much is Expected from the Team by their supporters. Let's Hope and Pray they put up a good show. Good Luck Team Soul.



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