Day 6


OG Wins The International 2018

OG Champions Of The International 2018

Final Day Of The International 2018 Lower Bracket : PSG.LGD faced off against EG for a place in the Grand Finals. PSG.LGD dominated the Impressive EG beating them comfortably 2-0. The Great Run of Eg has to sadly end, but many fans didn't expect EG to this very well. Eg can be proud of what they have achieved in this TI.


What a series of games. Truly amazing, The 10 players who were a part of these games are truly legends and this series will be remembered by the Dota2 Fans for a TI. OG wins the 1 st game and PSG.LGD wins 2 in a row, but OG picks Axe as their final pick and wins the 4th game leveling them with PSG.LGD 2-2. If you didn't watch the game please do watch it as its the best of the tournament for us.

The series went to the fifth and final game between these amazing two teams. Ana the real star with his Ember as they thrashed PSG.LGD. The final Result OG Beat PSG.LGD 3-2.

Day 5

Upper Bracket :

Day 5 was absolutely fantastic. The upper Bracket Finals was between OG and PSG.LGD. The game of the tournament we must say. It was intense, competitive and a really awesome game for the fans. OG and PSG.LGD both teams were amazing in this game. But at the end, the score was 2-1 where OG became the finalists of The International 2018. PSG.LGD are pushed to the lower bracket finals.

Lower Bracket :

Team Liquid and Team secret fought it out to be alive in the tournament. But Team liquid was amazing as they beat Team Secret 2-0. Team Secret is out of the tournament.

Eg faced off against Team Liquid. Eg once again was very good in their offense as they beat Team Liquid and TI favorite 2-0 comfortably. Team Liquid out of Ti a team which dominated the DPC.

Eliminated Teams

Team Secret

Team Liquid


Day 4

Lower Bracket

Virtus Pro the favorites of This Ti are out of the event as Eg beat them Comfortably 2-0. It was really a shock to the fans of VP as they were beaten pretty comfortably by EG. The impressive Offensive power of EG is really amazing. Vp dominated the Dota2 Pro circuit but Ti they can't stand up to the pressure and expectations. Eg moves on to the next round of the lower bracket.

Vgj Storm's path in the Ti has ended when they faced against Team Secret. A good 2-0 score sends VGJ storm packing their bags. But we are not sure about how much Team Secret can advance in the TI.

Eliminated Teams

Virtus Pro

VGJ Storm


Day 3

The fight for survival was intense in day 3 in The International

Upper Bracket:

One of the matches which fans from dota2 wanted to see and experience. Truly a fight between titans. Team liquid and PSG.LGD have to fight it out to stay in the upper bracket. The match was intense and interesting. Two teams showed their quality and why they are called the favorites for winning the event. But Team liquid got outdrafted by PSG.LGD as they won two games. Team Liquid did but up a brave fight against this unstoppable PSG.LGD.

In another upper bracket game EG faced off against OG. Considering how well Eg have been doing in the TI. They did put up a good show against OG. But Og were superior and move on to next round of the upper bracket beating EG 2-1.

Lower Bracket:

VGJ Storm beat Winsrike Team comfortably 2-0, as they move on to the next round of the lower bracket.

Team Secret beat Vici Gaming 2-1, as they are still very much alive in The International.

Eliminated Teams on Day3

Winstrike Team and Vici Gaming


Day 2

Day 2 was interesting as the fight for survival in The International continued.

Upper Bracket:

The Storm of VGJ Storm ended as they are pushed into the lower bracket by the Impressive OG team. Og Beat VGJ Storm comfortably as they move on to the next round in the upper bracket.

EG is really impressive in this TI. The offensive power of EG has been seen as they thrash Team Secret 2-0. The offensive is too much for team secret as they put out a great fight. Team Secret is pushed into the lower bracket as EG continue their Impressive Offensive run in the Upper Bracket.

Lower Bracket:

Clean sweep for Optic Gaming when they beat Team Serenity in the lower bracket 2-0. Virtus Pro also had a great game against Mineski beating them comfortably 2-0.

Eliminated Teams on Day2

Team Serenity and Mineski

Day 1

The International 2018 Main Event

The international 2018 group stages are completed. The main event has been set from 20-th August to 25th of August. The opening ceremony of the main event was awesome as fans expected. Gaben gave a small speech in welcoming all the fans to The International 2018. But the real fun was watching the Pro Teams battle it out to become Champions of the world.


The International 2018 Main Event

Upper Bracket :

Team Liquid Vs Optic Gaming ( Upper Bracket)

The Main event started with 2 amazing teams fighting it out in the upper bracket. Team Liquid Vs Optic Gaming. Team Liquid dominated the 2 games which were played. Team liquid beat Optic Gaming and move on in the upper bracket while Optic gaming is pushed down to Low bracket.

Virtus Pro Vs PSG>LGD (Upper Bracket)

We dont know what happened to Virtus Pro. They dominated the Whole Dota2 Pro circuit. But we feel they are a little bit shaky when it comes to The International. Psg.Lgd just ran over Virtus Pro with 2 games won by PSG.LGD pretty easily. PSG.LGD move on to the next round in the upper bracket as Vp has been pushed into the lower bracket.

Lower Bracket:

Out of the 8 teams in the Low bracket, we have to sadly say goodbye to 4 teams.

Fnatic Beat Team Serenity

Mineski Beat TNC Predator

Winstrike Beat Newbee

Vici Gaming Beat VGJ Thunder

As expected Fnatic beat Team serenity and Mineski Beat Newbee. But Win strike played some good dota to beat the 2014 champions Newbee.

Day 2 is going to be much more interesting.

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