The International 2019 Main Event

The International 2019 Main Event:

The International the biggest Esport Event in the planet is back. For the first time The International will be hosted in Asia. China will host the 9th Annual Edition of The International 2019. The main event will start from 20th August to to 25th August 2019. The Current Prize pool for the event stands at $33,565,787 USD.

The group stages have been completed. The top teams did well as majority of them are placed in the Upper bracket. But the Biggest Disappointments are Team Liquid and Fnatic ended up in the Lower Bracket. This is how the teams have ended up after the group stages.

The International 2019 Main Event


The International 2019 Main Event Day2:


Day3 Started with the lower bracket matches the first match was Between Infamous Vs Newbee. This TI has been a change for the Underdog teams as they had a chance to showcase their talents in the main stage. Infamous Beat Newbee 2-1 as they advance in the lower bracket and Newbee is Eliminated.

The Second game was between Team Secret Vs Mineski. Mineski did a wonderful job against the world's Best team. They lost the series 2-1 to Team Secret. But the Fight they putup was really amazing.

Moving onto the upper bracket of the Day. Psg.Lgd Vs Vici Gaming was a straight forward win for PSG.LGD as they advance in the Upper Bracket and Push Vici Gaming to the Lower Bracket.

The final game of the day was between Evil Geniuses Vs OG. This game was also really Intense. But OG managed to Push Evil Genuises in the lower Bracket by beating them 2-1.


Day2 Started with the Upper Bracket match between OG Vs Newbee. OG dominated Newbee as they take the series 2-0. Newbee are pushed to the lower bracket and OG move on in the Upper Bracket.

The Second series was Between Team Secret Vs Evil Genuises. This series was really amazing as the teams fought hard for a position to move in the upper bracket. In the end Evil Genuises managed to send Team Secret to the lower bracket.

The third series wasa a shocker between Royal Never Give up vs Virtus Pro. Virtus Pro during this event did not perform well and this showed when Royal Never Give Up defeat them 2-0. Virtus Pro are out of the tournament.

The 4th Series was between Tnc Predator Vs Team Liquid. Team Liquid dominated TNX and Knowck them out of The International 2019.


Day1 of the main Event is completed.

First match of the Main event will be between PSG.LGD and Virtus Pro in the Upper bracket. PSG.LGD were superior to Virtus Pro in any way Possible. They take the Series 2-0 Easily and stay in the Upper Bracket. Virtus Pro are in the lower bracket now.

The second game was between Vici Gaming and THNX Predator. This game was not one sided as Vici Gaming take this series 2-1.

The Lowerbracket first game was between Alliance and royal Never Give up as Alliance are eliminated from TI. Next game was between Team Liquid Vs Fnatic. Both teams are very good teams and they are having the Worse TI Possible. Team Liquid take the win and stay alive in this TI. Infamous Vs Keen Gaming was the next match as Infamous beat Keen gaming and move to the next match in the lower bracket. The final game was  between Navi Vs Mineski as both teams fought till the end. But mistakes by Navi lead to their downfall as they are eliminated from TI.




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