Top 10 Co-op Games PC :

So playing with your buddies is great fun. But picking titles so your buddies dont get pissed off is very important. So we have put together a list of some co op games which will be great fun. Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments. "Hey Move aside stupid S*&^, lets play".


Top 10 Co Op Games PC

Orcs must die! 2 is a mixture of tower defense and third-person shooter game. It has new enemies, traps, weapons and game modes than the first part, it consists of 2 player co-op. The fun and challenge of the first part was the construction of a perfect kill zone the exact combination of traps and barriers that inflict the maximum possible orcs. In the co-op category, it is considered tough.

This game is less frustrating once you unlocked enough equipment you have the luxury of restrategizing. The single unified system unlocks all the weapons, perks, traps, upgrades. For good performance, the player has to earn skulls and use those skills to upgrade or unlock the stuff.

After the completion of the campaign you unlock a great range of exciting upgrades and lots of new stuff. You could complete the game in a single dedicated day through normal difficulty but hard mode is the true choice of the hardcore gamers which is different.

Well, in my opinion, the game is worth joining your gaming collection.

Pros and Cons by editors


Traps and gizmos of Many varieties
Multiplayer co-op worth playing
The great tower defense action
Fun art and personality
Tons of gear and upgrades


Few maps are over co-op centric
Game audio and onliners are recycled and repetitive

Released:  30 July 2012

Platforms:  PC

9.TRINE 2:

Top 10 Co Op Games PC

Trine series is a fairy tale adventure game based on a magical floating sconce that bounds the soul of three characters which was a wizard, a knight, and a thief. Physics-based puzzles give another level of satisfaction to the players. The characters can be swapped instantly according to the requirements of their different skills in the solo mode.

Thief uses grappling hook and swings on the wooden surface, and here comes the warrior with his sword he blocks the lava attacks, and the wizard conjure boxes and makes steps in bridge gaps he is not better in a fight.

If you have played the first part the game is familiar as same as Mario the player runs from left to right and fights a different kind of enemies. The few boss fights are somewhat disappointing. The main campaign map is about ten hours but the full version is for thirteen hours.

Pros and Cons by editors
The controls are easy
Stunning graphics
Both Offline and Online co-op
Controls give the feeling of Mario
Expansion of the puzzles could be more

Released: 7 December 2011
Platforms: PC , XBox360 ,android ,
Nintendo Switch, PS3


Top 10 Co Op Games PC

If you are a huge fan of Minecraft and terreria this game is made for you. The game consist of three modes which are survival, wilderness, Endless .the basic mode is survival which helps the players to avoid death at any cost and survive for a longer time, Endless mode respawns the players once they die and keeping the same map on every respawn through which you can explore the map for settlement and resource accumulation . wilderness is considered a deathmatch where the death of the player is permanent and a new map generated after each death.

The game is terrific and its predecessors are known to be and build a whole new structure. And of course the players will have the option for solo mode as well as with a team but friends are highly recommended as the nature of the game and scarcity of resources can make you enemies. Teamwork is an essential part of the game for survival and better the coordination between the teammates the more lifespan of the players.

The number of resources is improved with better loot, expanded range of landscape and creatures to stumble, six characters can be selected by the six players whose ability can become cooler.

Pros and Cons by editors



Every match has a different map

A unique style of art


Connectivity issue

Few features are missing

Released:  21 April 2016

Platforms:  PC ,Xbox One,PS4


Top 10 Co Op Games PC

Portal 2 is a puzzle game that requires brainpower more than reflexes, which means no restrictions from parents for playing this amazing game. It is also really fun with a very cool concept that there will be no excuse not to play this game. This pops up a question ……. will there will be a portal 3? I couldn’t answer the question but I could say that the first and second parts of the portal were a complete success for the developers. Which makes the higher probability for portal 3.

The exciting part of the game is it makes you feel alone by its silence and the atmosphere of many parts of the game. The gameplay is of course outstanding. According to some players, it is good for your brain, which makes it more playable. The game starts by waking up in a laboratory, and introduced by Wheatly, a stammering, voiced by Stephen Merchant.

As the game moves forward new items are introduced in the lab-created by the research facility. There are laser guns, bridges of light, propulsion gel which is used to zoom in the floor, building momentum and jump from portals. Repulsion Gel can make the player bounce and can jump higher in a particular zone, there is also a White Gel which is used to make the area portal friendly.

The design of the puzzles room is incredible, the main campaign takes more time than the first part (PORTAL 1)and is also a lot better than before. After the completion of the campaign, players can play multiplayer matches with their squadmates.

Pros and Cons by editors
The game has expanded its origin

The story extends due to co-op mode

The very funny voice acting, writing


‘STILL ALIVE’ isn’t the new ending theme song

Game isn’t competitive

The game’s gonna come to an end

Released: 18 April 2011
Platforms: PC ,XBox360,PS3


Aside from few presentations and performance issues , overcooked is a wonderful game and it is one of the best co-operative game in last previous years . It can be played by one to four players working as a team , the players play as chefs who have to prepare and serve a variety of food as customer’s order.

Overcooked is a race against time as you and your team try to make and deliver as many dishes as possible in four minutes .Burgers, Pizza ,and other dishes all come together in a similar way. When we talk about the controls of the games it is very easy and understanding and anyone can pickup quickly , but you should learn a little about the game  that aren’t taught in the tutorials.

Overcooked doesn’t have online play. Plenty of fantastic games are local only ---Towerfall Ascension and gang beast are examples of that . Overcooked just isn’t as much fun alone playing solo , two chefs can be controlled at a time and can be swapped. It’s a harder game and more frustating one with no one but yourself to blame for mistakes , its easier to move forward in the game alone. The lesser teammate you have the lesser points are required to level up.

Pros and Cons by editors



Another helping of one of the co-op games

Throwing mechanics expands core gameplay


Single player lacking by comparison

Finale feels underwhelming visually

Released:  2 August 2016

Platforms:  PC , Xbox one , PS4


Top 10 Co Op Games PC

Left 4 dead(L4D2)  is higly anticipated sequel to Zombie apocalypse a award winning game for #1 co-ops game in 2k8. The game is very fun , entertaining  and thrilling experience to get . This horror FPS takes you and your squad to cities, swamps, savannah, cemetery in New Orleans.

The main eight characters are Nick ,Ellis ,Rochalle ,coach, Bill, Francis, Zoey , Louis . L4D2 is a great co-op game with many fun things, the game also supports mods and can be customized with the help of Steam workshop.

The L4D2 has five campaign maps that takes the player into the depth of south terrain. Every environment Is detailed and immersive, clever design touches, some of which are clues that show you which way to progress. There is a new crop for gun as well , including many versions of shotguns, handguns,SMGs and AR. There is also a large variety of melee weapons, including a crowbar, a cricket bat, pan and a fire axe . Melee weapons are a great new strategic asset and adds a very enjoyable new dimension to combat. There is a new realism mode for who doesn’t like to play campaign mode because of its difficulty

Pros and Cons by editors


Brutually intense

Ellis and keith

Far deeper than it lets on


Solo is awful AF

Weapons are not new enough


Released:  17  November 2009

Platforms:  PC , Xbox360

4. TOM CLANCY’S Rainbow six siege

Top 10 Co Op Games PC

Rainbow six siege is a game in which you will rage a lot  ,might honestly be the most toxic game out there. The game is amazing but missing one thing that a lot of players might like . The game is very tactical and fun with your squad , the players had loved all the operator abilities and weapons. Bank and sky scrapper are the maps which are mostly loved by the gamer.

This game is a paradise  if you have ever played any games from the Call of duty series or CS:GO. Its very fun and excels in attention to detail. It feels as you are really trying to diffuse any bomb, save any hostage  in an intense situation.

In the game there are different type of operators can be chosen, with different abilities and  has different types of game modes that can be played . The game is awesome but it has some issues like ‘toxicity’. There are some glitches but personally I recommend this game though. My personal character is jackal , because after activating his eyenox visor we can see enemy foot prints and their location can be known.

Pros and Cons by editors


Tactical game, requires IQ not reflexes

Strategic depth


Progression can be slow

Very frustrating

No narrative-driven single player campaign

Released: 1 December 2015

Platforms:  PC , Xbox one , PS4



Top 10 Co Op Games PC

Monster hunter: World is a third person action game  and it is also about the new lands , this game is grotesque fantasy . Approx. 30 monsters are brought back from their distinctive stage through realistic animation and detailed graphics.The game Boss consist of a big dodo named kulu -ya- ku  which defend it self by using a rock ; A Trex who breathes fire and has wings like chickens named as Anjanath; A white and pink coloured bat who makes ballon as the toads when he thinks he is in danger.

The game has no health bar but the character looks tired and scarred when he becomes weak . In the game they make break to gain the HP by sleeping and eat in the order to fill the invisible health bar  , there is no level upgrades or skill upgrades in the game so, you can increase their stats by crafting weapons and armors .

The stuffs which are made by the monsters are useful in a sense it reflects their weakness and even strength,so if you are attacked by the fire breathing dragon you can  use armor which is fire resistance . Awareness of your environment where the monster might be the best if you have good reflexes with a strategic mind.

Pros and Cons by editors


Beautiful openworld.

Impressive sound that gives the information about incoming monster.

Multiplayer gives a lot of tons of offers and extra content.


The main menu design could’ve been better.

Multiplayer matches should be easy for setting it up.

The game could’ve been very challenging if the battles were under prepared.

Released:  August 2018

Platforms:  PC


Top 10 Co Op Games PC

The Division 2 started off with a bang and kept on going. Stunning visuals and near game mechanics work together to make this Game perfect . The division 1  had substantially more story , which gave us a true sense of fear and loss……Division 2 took all that the players learned in the first part of the game.

Division one lacked the stronger campaign experience but Division 2 does a better job.  Largely a superior version of division 1 in terms of plot line and covered based shooting. Quickly it became clear that the many aspects of the game have been improved in meaning full way.  Gun play is impactful. Enemies react to the shots and die instantly, as any other co-op games it has many reasons to explore the world it has chests and different collectible items around every corner of the game.

As it took place (city inside the game) phenomenally in Washington DC , It gives the exact look of monuments and buildings of Washington.  As grand theft auto the players get a safe house for settlement, and completion of missions, and taking control over control points, as the game moves forward new activities are  unlocked as the players progress. Mechanics , outside of the seemingly fixed invisible walls are incredibly well done. The AI are now faster and react well when the group is under attack.

Pros and Cons by editors


Beautiful world,environment,arena design -

Rewards on regular basis -

Shooting enemies feels satisfied


Lack of a strong plot is a disappointing

In open world enemies spawn way too often

Release: 7 february 2019

Platform: PC, PS4,X box One,Google Stadia


Top 10 Co Op Games PC

Destiny 2 was a great success where the original version was a complete failure ,if you want to play the most electrifying first-person shooter with an enticing story , excellent pvp, and a demanding yet rewarding and satisfying grind, then this is the game for you.

This game is a true master piece with the music and truly incredible amount of lore behind each individual enemy and friendly vendors. The sheer amount of phenomenal and also with a new fair looting system compared to destiny 1 it is never too late to jump on with some friends and collect,grind for the loot.

Destiny 2 takes player guardians into the heart of rich cinematic campaign ,loads of new armor and weaponry. The game offers several expansion  when players beat the main campaign. It also offers competitive online multiplayer modes(PVP) known as “crucible matches” .  The players play as a super powered guardian of 3 classes and does different activities to level up and upgrade the gears of the character.

Well, the game was bad at release but became good because of the DLCs, DLCs made the game good but its costly ,If you have lots of cash to burn go for it.  You guys can get it on Steam.

Eyes up, Guardian.

Pros and Cons by editors


Beautiful music

Great Dev team

Stunning Graphics

Awesome RPG elements

Lots of Contents with all DLC packs



Short base campaign

Pretty Grindy

Released:  6 september 2017

Platforms:  PC,Xbox one ,PS4

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