Pubg Mobile has been the talk of the town in the mobile gaming world. Players have been hypnotized by the game’s rapid growth to the top of Mobile gaming. Everywhere we go we can see gamers with their Mobile phones playing with their friends. After our team put together a Playtime of nearly 2000 hrs together. We were amazed how Pubg mobile was entertaining and Exciting. We gamers know the real fun is the gunplay. So we put together a list of guns which are really amazing to use and packs a Punch. Every game we scout for these guns on the battlefield.

For this list, we all know Sniper Rifles are the powerful ones. But the smaller guns also help us immensely in the earlier stages of the game. So Considering the earlier game until the end game this list will feature the best guns from their classes. The list of guns has been organized from the early game, Mid game to the End game. We do know that the Pistols also play a part. But we have opted to leave out the pistols for this list. Opinions might differ so please feel free to leave a comment.



The S1897 has a leg up over SS686 with a better magazine capacity that holds 5 shots. Shotguns are very effective in close combat only. But in Pubg Mobile the Area of Effect of the shotguns cannot be felt. Missing a couple of shots with a SS686 might turn deadly to you. But the S187 has a 5 shot magazine which is best for close combat if you miss a couple of shots also.  Most players only use shotguns until they get the bigger and best guns. So this gun is effective in Super Early game.


SMG's :

UMP9:Top 10 Guns in Pubg Mobile

The UMP9 sits on top brandishing on firing speed second only to the Uzi.UMP9 has less recoil and can fit more attachments. The UMP9 deals the second highest damage to all the SMGs, right behind the Tommy Gun making it a very viable late-stage gun when fitted out with attachments. Its already controllable recoil can be reduced even further with a forfeit and compensator, although stealthy players may opt for a suppressor. This gun is super effective in all stages of the game. Most players prefer UMP9 for End game Scenarios. Its firing speed with its Decent damage and attachments make this a Super Effective gun.

Tommy Gun:

Top 10 Guns in Pubg Mobile

The Tommy Gun is unmatched in power and range(better than UMP9) but that also comes with having most powerful recoil of all the SMGs It is a vintage Submachine gun which deals the most damage of all SMGs. However, the inability of this gun to attach sights, coupled with its relatively strong recoil makes it a challenge to use. But when it comes to close quarters this gun has no rival. A Tommy Gun with a suppressor attached is just awesome.

Let's Move on to the Bigger Guns which are absolutely amazing to use.

Assault Rifles:


Top 10 Guns in Pubg Mobile

Obtained Only Via air-drops, the Groza packs the highest punch of all assault rifles and delivers immense damage in medium to close. The Groza will deal maximum damage up to 80 meters, but it will decrease to its Minimum damage at 490 meters. Other drawbacks are its inability to accept foregrips of any kind, or a telescopic sight stronger than a 6x scope, reinforcing its use as a close-quarters weapon. Dealing the same damage as the AKM and boasting the second highest rate of fire of all assault rifles, only bested by M164A. Its Chambering is 7.62mm ammunition. Depending on which attachments the gun currently has, it is either the 01 or 03 variant.


Top 10 Guns in Pubg Mobile

The M416 has a  faster firing speed than the AKM,  but the AKM has a longer range and does more damage especially when fired in single shots to scope with the harder recoil. The M416 is fairly similar to the others besides its slightly faster rate of fire compared to the SCAR-however its strong point are the fact that it can accept the most modifications of any of the assault rifles. Accepting muzzle, Magazine, Stock, Lower and upper rail attachments as well as having exceptional stability. It is only bested by the AUG. The M416 will deal Maximum damage out to  60meters, with damage reaching  minimum at 445 meters.


Top 10 Guns in Pubg Mobile

AKM is the gun best suited for Close and Medium Combat, its ability to Clear out Buildings and Suppressing the enemy makes it very useful in combat. A Powerful Assault rifle that uses  7.62mm ammunition. This rifle does more damage than the 5.56mm assault rifles and comes with a kick to match. The AKM is identical to M164A in that it can only accept a muzzle, magazine and sight attachments. The Akm can be attached up to 6x Scopes for longer engagements, The mode can be switched to the single bullet which is also effective in long range combat. Setting it to full Auto enable you to clear out buildings.

At close to medium ranges, it is notable that even if a target is wearing a military vest or helmet, it only takes a maximum of five shots to kill the enemy. The Akm will deal maximum damage within 50 meters, beyond that distance damage will continually decrease out to 290 meters.

Now let's talk about the guns which everybody loves to play.

Sniper Rifles:


Top 10 Guns in Pubg Mobile

The AWM is the longest and most powerful sniper gun in the game. An enemy wearing a Level 3 helmet is instantly knocked or killed if hit in the head, so be patient in your aim. At distances beyond 500 meters, it becomes the only gun in the game that can kill players in one shot to the head. The long reload time between shots, high damage and unique ammo all represent a high risk. High-Risk gameplay will be rewarded if the player has the patience and a steady aim. Change your position quickly after firing, because it will let other players know the firing sound of AWM. The  AWM will deal damage out to 150 meters, with maximum damage falloff at 679 meters.


Top 10 Guns in Pubg Mobile

M24 is slightly less powerful than the AWM but equally deals a high amount of damage. One shot to the head of the enemy is capable of knocking them out even if they are wearing level 2 headgear. Being loaded with magazines, Tactical reloads will be faster compared to the Kar98K's one-by-one reload. Although full reloads with the M24's standard magazine will be slightly slower compared to a full reload with Kar98. The M24 can be seen as an upgrade to the Kar98K. The M24 will deal maximum damage out to 120 meters. Beyond that distance, the damage will decrease, reaching its Minimum damage value at 580 meters.


Top 10 Guns in Pubg Mobile

Many Players are Obsessed with finding this rifle on the battlefield. Kar98K is the best choice. They both spawn on every map giving all players an equal chance of obtaining them. The Kar98k has a high sound after being fired because of its ability to deal fatal damage against players wearing level 2 helmet. It is a very good weapon for long-range engagements. Players can easily obtain these rifles without having the risk of going to airdrops for the other bolt-action sniper rifles. Its main drawbacks are its slow reload time. It has rather a slow bullet velocity, making it more challenging to engage distant enemies. The Kar98k will deal maximum damage out to 100 meters after which point damage will decrease reaching its minimum at 485 meters. A Kar98 with an 8X Scope is what a lot of players desire for long range engagements.

Finally, we have 1 Biggest Gun.



Top 10 Guns in Pubg Mobile

Fire Power and Maximum Damage is a Special feature of this game. M249 can be only obtained Via Air Drops. No other gun in the game can come close to its Firepower and Damage. The M249 easily beats other guns in firing speed, range, and capacity. Holding a staggering 100 rounds. It is very useful when clearing out buildings crawling with enemies. It can easily take down an entire squad with a Reload of the gun. It is Highly effective in close and medium combat. A Combination of Awm and an M249 is the desire of the player.

So this is the list of our Top guns in Pubg Mobile. Please, free feel to comment on your favourite gun in the comments section below. Happy Hunting Folks. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.




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