Top Esports Games in India Right Now

Playing games for a long while now huh?. Want to become an Esports Pro Player?. This list will help you pick a game to become a professional player and play for your country or an organisation. Esports has become the next big thing in the world. But when it comes to India its still growing and players often find it difficult to become a Pro. But things are changing as many Esports organisations and Companies are trying to exploit the huge gaming market of India. These are the top games which are featured in Esports of India. Pick a game and try your luck. If you are very good at a game then you may become a Pro player. Good Luck.



7. Rainbow Six Siege Online:

Top Esports Games in India Right Now

Rainbow six siege is an online tactical game which is created by Ubisoft. It is a multiplayer game which has a huge popularity since its first release on 21st August 1998 named as Rainbow six . The latest version of the game was released on 1 December 2015. The game has over 45 million players according to the survey of 2018. But in 2019 September the count has been reached to approx. 50 million. Rainbow six siege is considered as the most played online game around the world.

The game is pretty famous in India also. The tactical gameplay makes the game interesting and attracts the gamers toward the game. As another game there were many unofficial tournaments and many players have participated those tournaments and earned way much money than we expected. But the official tournament has another craze between the gamers. ESL has also organized an E-sport event for Rainbow six seige on 22 November , 2019 in Hyderabad at Hyderabad international convention centre(HICC) complex, kondapur Telangana.

Even for this game ESL has introduced a big amount of prize money INR 2,00,000. Which will be distributed among the winners which will be 1,50,000 ;50,000 ;25,000 ;25,000 as first,second,third,fourth respectively.
The two teams which have been placed in grand finale are ‘club G1 Esport’ , ‘Level Zero Esport’ which will face each other in the match and the winner will take the amount of 1,50,000.

6. Brawl Stars:

Top Esports Games in India Right Now

Brawl stars in the newest game made by supercell the developers of the famous game clash of clans and clash royale. Globally it became famous in very short time among the mobile gamers. It is a multiplayer shooter game it is an attractive game which is the combination of battle royale, objective-based shooting game, and many other.

In India the count of mobile is much more than the pc gamers which is the reason of the popularity for the game. Indian gamers loved the game which led the gaming companies toward the esports tournament for Brawl stars. There were many tournament online held in past years after the game released on 15 june 2017.

By demand of the gamers ESL India had provided a platform for gamers by organizing e-sport tournament and events in every part of the country. Not only this, ESL has organized the ‘FALL SEASON 2019’ LAN Finale in hyderabad.

Hyderabad brace yourself for the biggest ESL event . The event gonna take place in Hyderabad International Convention Centre (HICC) in Kondapur from 21 to 23 November this year . With the Huge prize poll of 1.1 crores Indian rupees. The prize amount will be divided among the winners the player of first position will get 3,50,000, second position will get 1,50,000 and the third and fourth position holder will get the amount of 75,000. The 4 teams which have been promoted to the finale are ‘AtTiTuDEr BoiZz’, ‘Martial Warlocks Alpha’, ‘ODA Fusion’ , ’Tom esport’ . In Semi finale the two team will fight against each other and the winner of the both matches will face each other in Grand finale.

5. Clash Royale:

Top Esports Games in India Right Now

Clash royal is another crealtion of supercell which gained the popularity around the world. It is a battle arena 1vs1 game in which the players battle against each other with the clash of clans heroes like archers, goblins, minions, royal giants etc. This attracted the clash of clans fans toward the game, with the old character there are many new character like the knight, ice spirit, fire spirit, rascals etc. which makes the game more interesting.

The game has a big fanbase around the world with approx. 128Million daily active players in 2019. The unique fantasy game of knight valkarie and goblin has attracted the Indian gamers very much and made a special place in their gaming collections. If we talk about the e-sport tournaments and events of Clash Royal there are many tournaments on some tournaments websites which organizes tournaments daily and with big prize money.

There are not much official tournaments for clash royale but ESL India has brought the opportunity to win big amount of money with the prize poll of 2,50,000. The Tournament is going to held in Hyderabad on 21 November this year. The three teams which are participated are Bhavya, Smoke , Mabbas the prize amount will be distributed as 1,25,000 for the first position second position holder will get 75,000 ; third and fourth holder gets 25,000, by the tournament. Not only this it is guaranteed that in future there will be more huge tournaments in every part of India.

4. FIFA 19:

Top Esports Games in India Right Now

Fifa 19 is a simulation game made by EA sports for many platforms it was released on 28 september 2018. This game was popular among the fans of football because of the realistic graphics of real players with their skills.  After the release, the game became so popular in a short period of time. But the game was actually a big success from its first part which was  ‘FIFA INTERNATIONAL SOCCER’ in 1993.

It has both features of Single and Multiplayer gameplay which makes the game more interesting around the world. It has around 12 million players around the world. When we talk about the E-Sports events of FIFA 19 there are many matches and tournament that are held abroad. But in India, there are not much tournament as other games.

There are some tournaments which was held by Ludus pro in India it was held in 12 cities of India incl. Mumbai, Pune , Delhi , Bengaluru , Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Kochi, Bhopal, Indore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata. The winner of every city will be promoted to semi-finale and the winners will compete with each other, the amount of prize was Rs4,50,000. The tournament took place in Lions Den Gujarat on 23 july 2018 { the game was prev. vers. Of FIFA}, after the semi-finale matches the winner promoted for the grand finale the match was between charanjot from Chandigarh and Raheel Khan from Hyderabad. And for more information you can visit thispage:

ESL, Neon Gaming Studio, gamer Connect also conduct FIFA tournaments.

3. DOTA 2:  

Top Esports Games in India Right Now   

As you guys know that,  DOTA 2 is an online battle arena game in which two teams consisting of five players in a team, battle to destroy the large structure naming ”Ancient”. While defending their own structure. DOTA stands for Defence of The Ancients.  Its gameplay is complex and  it is created by valve corporation 9th july of 2013.  Dota2 became famous in a short period of time because of its Iconic heroes and the tough gameplay which is very challenging. After launching the game valve corporation started earning approx.$18million dollar whereas league of legends makes this much money in every 5-6 days LOL.

But DOTA  2 is more difficult than the league of legends and requires more skills. DOTA 2 is the first game which has conducted E-Sports tournament with the prize pool of US$34,300,000 at international in 2019. The richest players are the players of DOTA 2 who had won the International (it is the name of the tournament).

Although Dota2 is not that much popluar in India. Indian players where the ones who gave recognition for Dota2 when it came out. The popular game DOTA2  has  also affected the Indian gaming and brought up many pro gamers like Rounak Sen known as Crowley he has participated in many tournaments like ESl India premiership 2018- summer season finale ,Taiwan excellence cup and acquired first place in these tournaments and  also holds the first place in the list of top Indian player. His total earning by the game is approx. $12,495 .

In 2019 ESl One Mumbai has been organized on april 19 and 21 at NSCI Dome , Mumbai . With the prize poll of $300,000 by the help of ESL and NODWIN join together to bring the biggest e-sport event in India. 12 teams did battle it out  for the biggest prize of $ 300,000. The Chinese team named as Keen gaming won the tournament. For 2019 ESL Mumbai was the last tournament. Next E-Sports event we have to wait for the next year until then save your Ancient. ESL India and COBX are also Indian based Esports event which have succeddeed in hosting these events.

2.CS:GO ( Counter Strike Global Offensive):

Top Esports Games in India Right Now

CS:GO had been a popular game among Indian gamers ever since it has been launched on 21 august 2012.  The game was released by Valve corporation. India was not considered as big gaming hub in the sense of esports  tournaments.  But now everything has been changed in past few years. In the past few years the prize money of the tournaments have been increased by 86% in 2018.  61 % of the money has been spent on the CS:GO tournaments.

As per the record  PUBG mobile has 40%  while DOTA2 and CS: GO share the prize amount of 52 %. This year two international tournaments has been held DREAM HACK and COBX. Dream hack was the tournament for the international LAN in India . While the COBX masters were the tournaments for only DOTA2 and CS:GO  with the prize pool of $200,000. $300,000. Events were also held by the ESL: Mumbai this year. Some of the best CS:GO players  of India are Agneya  Kaushik ‘Marzil’ , Ishpreet  singh ,Sabyasachi Bose is known for his name ANTIDOTE etc.

As a record of 2018 Agneya  Kaushik holds The first position on the list of player as His performance in ESL India premiership-Summer 2019 which was held on 3 june in Mumbai, INDIA. The tournament was held with the huge amount of $14,862.50 equilateral to 10,25,000 Indian rupees. There were several winners including marzil the fan favourite antidote,ACE, Death maker, and german player named as Germany. Marzil had won 4 tournaments and runner up in 5 tournament and third position in one tournament match. And from 13 November 2016 to 30 June 2019 he had won approx $8395.64 as his tournament Prize.  According to my survey the tournament is being held every year by ESL LEAGUES in India.


Top Esports Games in India Right Now

Players Unknown Battle Ground is also known for its famous name PUBG. It became popular across the globe within a short period of time. As the game was launched on 23 March 2017 it doesn’t take much time to become so popular with the adrenaline rushed teenagers.

In India, it has a separate fan base of the game and the count of Indian players of PUBGM is approx. 50 million. This attracted and forced the gaming companies to organize the Esports tournaments in various parts of the country including Delhi, Kolkata and may other states. In India if we talk about gaming there is no scope for the future but the e-sport has a big future and it is growing rapidly. In today’s world, it became a Perfect career option.

As we talk about PUBGM tournaments there are a lot of unofficial tournaments going on throughtout the country. But the official tournaments with higher pool prize for the game, like PUBG tour India which has prize money of 1.5 crore which was won by Revenge Esport where ORANGE ROCK won the second prize and TeamINS captures the third position in Grand finale in 2019. This was held in Kolkata on 20th of October 2019.

This isn’t the end. PUBG has also organizing PMCO which stands fro PUBG Mobile Club Open fall split on 2019.  The tournament is going to take place in KD Jadhav Indoor hall, New Delhi from 6-10 of November 2019. It will be sponsored by companies like VIVO which is having the prize poll of  $175000 in Global finale which will be held in Kuala Lumpur.  Teams like Fnatic, Team Soul and Orange Rock has the best players from India.

If we talk about the players of PUBG Mobile, India has the best player who stands on #3 globally.  Mortal (NAMAN MATHUR) who is the Member of the soul clan and known as DP ka baap because of his tactical use of the LMG . Has the highest earning of $16225.00 overall. He also won  PUBGM India series worth prize of 30 lakhs and many other tournaments.


So these are the games which are currently played Esports games the most in India. Please Check back for updated list. Please also comment your views on the list. Do you think your favourite game should be on the list. Please do comment.

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