Why you should Play Planetside2?

Why you should Play Planetside2?

Why you should Play Planetside2?

Its nearly 2019, Is it Really worth playing a game which is nearly 7 years old?.  Well, there are many reasons to discuss. So let's give it a try to see what the game has to offer in 2019?.

This article is for all the gamers who have been hunting for the Perfect Combination of MMO, RPG and FPS That takes gaming beyond repetitive death matches and into Massive open world battles. Planetside 2 community is a small one compared to other online shooters. the community gets two types of questions in overwhelming quantity.

  1. A new player asking whether it's worth getting into the game Even if it is 7 years old?
  2. An old player who’s considering returning And who is not sure if they should make the leap.


Whenever we see one of these questions asked online.  We can see this massive internal scream well within the community Which is ready to bust out and says “it's free game. Just install it and find out for yourself”. But starting any new game really isn't as simple as that, Even though planetside2 doesn't have that hurdle where you actually have to shell out some money for it,there is the hurdle of learning something new, Getting acclimated to what planetside2 is all about, and investing time and energy to really give the game a fair time. To all these questions this article is intended to provide the potential player with enough information so you can decide.

Coming Back to the question, Is it Really worth playing planetside2? It's an Absolute YES.

For New players:

Planetside2 is an Open world FPS game where you have up to 100 VS 100 player battles. The battles can last forever where you can play the Lone Wolf or join a Squad or platoon. Joining a Platoon is always fun when you attack a Base with over 40 players running towards the base trying to capture it. The real fun starts when the enemy decides to Defend their base with their own Platoon of Soldiers. The platoon or squad consists of Soldiers, Tanks, Transport Vehicles, and Aircraft. It's really fun to team up with friends trying to capture one of the bases. Just Imagine a 100 Vs 100 Players Fight where there are Infantry, Cavalry, and Aircraft, It is just Spectacular.

Moving On to Factions:

So there are 3 different factions for the player to choose from. The New Conglomerate (a liberated faction fighting to remain free”Rebels”)  The Terran Republic (the conservative, authoritative nation aiming to reunite the clashing factions”The Government”), or The Vanu Sovereignty (Scientists seeking to develop and exploit alien technology To advance the human race).These 3 factions have their own Player base which also makes it interesting. The game now has a Population Balance System, which doesn't allow the Players to Overcrowd the enemy which has a Minimum Number of players. So it's around 30%--35%--38% Population in Servers for Factions.

The new Conglomerate weapons are Slow but have High damage Output where the Terran Republic has a High rate of Fire and Medium damage output. The Vanu weapons are More like Medium Rate of fire and damage Output. There is a lot of options to choose from while selecting a faction, as the factions have faction specific Units. For an Ex: The Main Battle Tanks, The NC has Vanguard, The Tr has the Prowler and the Vanu which has The Magrider. But there are many Weapons and Vehicles which can be used commonly by any of these factions.

Why you should Play Planetside2?

Soldier Classes, Tanks and Aircraft:

There are 6 different classes for the player to choose. The Infiltrator(Sniper) is very good at engaging the target in Long range or can use his stealth to close the gap and hit the enemy from behind. The infiltrator is always fun and it's very exciting to play this class. The 2nd one is Light assault where you use jetpacks to attack the enemy from various directions. The heavy assault class is your frontline soldiers who can take hits and also do some heavy damage.

Next one is the Medic who revives fallen comrades and heal injured soldiers. The engineer class helps in repairing some base structures and Vehicles. The 2 supporting classes Medic and Engineers are the classes to play if you are a Beginner. The last class is the Max which is heavily armored suits who can do some serious damage and also take good hits. All the infantry classes have their own playstyle and its fun to play all different classes. When it comes to tanks, there are Faction Specific Tanks to chose. All other vehicles are available for all factions. Faction Specific Strike Aircraft is available where other Aircraft are available to all factions. There is always Something to choose from Planetside2 which suits your own Playstyle.

Why you should Play Planetside2?

For Returning Players:

Many Returning players ask this question “ Are there still fights”, that is a resounding YES.

It's not just normal fights where its 20 Vs 20 players, its huge fights like 100 VS 100 Players going on at any given evening. The next biggest Question gamers want to know, and this is mostly for the multitudes of players that are looking to return after all there have been over 10 Million characters created is “ How is the game changed since launch?. The answer to that question “The game hasn't changed much since its launch”. For some players that are going to be really disappointing, but for the other players, they will be glad to know its still the game they remembered and loved. The lattice system was added, but it didn't affect much.

A New Continent “Hossin” was added, but not many to love to play on the Continent but has to play on it because of the Continent Locking System. New Feature like Directives where added when the player base thought it needed more objective based Playstyle. But this New Feature doesn't change the gameplay.E very continent has had multiple revamp passes in attempts to improve some of the bases in the battle flow. But the basic mechanics weren't affected so it didn't have an impact on the gameplay.

The most Impactful changes were CONSTRUCTION and Implant system. The Construction system is very Command & Conquer type, You have an ANT( Advanced Nanite Transport) which goes out and harvests resources in the open world. You can use those resources to create a Player made Base which can impact the fields of Auraxis. The idea of creating more Player Agency in the flow of battles is great. But the main problem is they haven't been able to tune the way bases interact with the rest of the battle flow,it still feels like two different worlds where the construction people go and do their thing of Constructing Bases, and the FPS people try to Ignore them and fight at the already existing bases.T he second thing is Implants which is still fun, Implants are obtained by completing the said tasks which can be used on you Soldier for multiple purposes.

Performance :

Please keep in mind that this game has 100 Vs 100 player battles. So don't expect it to perform like Overwatch or Battlefield where its 12 and 32 characters respectively. Its a total 250 characters battle with Infantry, Cavalry, and Aircraft.  It is something very Unique and an Awesome experience. The graphics is quite good for a 7 yr old game and with so many characters in one battle, it is good. But you will need a decent Rig to play this game like say A I5 with 8 Gb ram. Planetside2 didn't have a Server for the Asian Players where I usually get 250 pings to play the game. It was not a Pleasant experience. But with the addition of Soltech Server for Asian Players recently, it's around 150 pings to play the game. Please keep in mind that its a 250 Player battle, the battles are Intense and thrilling.


Since the game is free to play it is easy to get into and it's also so easy to walk away from when you don't figure it out in the first 2 hrs. Most players don't make it past Battle rank 11, where the battle rank goes till 100. There are some nay ways to die in the game you never saw coming. It will take time to learn the game and its mechanics. The Community is filled with Salty, Angry and badass Veteran players that want to nothing around but sit around and moan about how great the game used to be and how it could be a Game for the ages.  But one thing they are fantastic is helping new players who have just got into the game. All you have to do is ask.

A Big thanks to Cyrious Gaming for helping to create this article and to post his views about the game.  I am an Nc Fanatic where Cyrious Gaming is a TR Loyal Soldier we have our differences in the battlefield. But the one thing we have in common in his own words” The Game came so close to greatness” and everyone could feel it”. The main problem is the game is not backed up by the Big companies. Daybreak games are trying their best to keep the game alive and well. Recently they have announced a New Continent “Osur” which has excited many veteran players and recently they added some changes to the game.

Why you should Play Planetside2?

The Devs are trying their best. Even in its current state its the best-combined arms FPS Out there, but unless more people are willing to take the plunge and figure out this game it will hover in that state indefinitely. If you want to take the leap we Promise you it is absolutely worth it. I personally have been a part of the small community and it's absolutely a fantastic Experience. If you want to get into the game We are here to help you.

Get in touch With Cyrious Gaming.

Planetside2 has the Guinness World Record of The Largest Online First Person Shooter.

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