Why You Should Play Warframe Now

Why You Should Play Warframe Now:

Reborngamers Ratings: 8.9/10

Highly Recommended.

Warframe is Co-Operative, Free to play, Third-person action game which was originally released for PC then ported for PS4 and other platforms. It was originally released in March 2013 and for PS4 in November 2013.

In the game, the player is ancient warriors who have awoken from centuries of cryosleep and they are the members of Tenno. The Tenno uses their power and many types of varieties of weapon and ability to complete the mission, Warframe is a beautiful and interesting game. Combat is an essential part of the game with different kinds of Guns and Blades which are tied together by Tenno’s power. The customization in the game makes the player feel powerful during fight and combat.

After 7 years of release, the game is still popular among the gamers. The game has evolved much more, it's not only with space ninjas fighting in the corridor The game has a massive world which players have to explore and through the campaign mode, but the player can also shoot fight and free run through the different mission with the freedom to take on different objectives and many activities which can be done by the player. The players have the liberty to experiment with unique Warframes and if we talk about the core combat it is so satisfying.

Why You Should Play Warframe Now

In-game the players are the ninja warriors samurai greek gods and African deities and different figures. Warframe is a game that is always changing through time to time so the old gamers who may have taken a break from gaming can get interested again by the new content.

Pros and cons:-


  • Tons of Frames and weapons to unlock
  • Smooth gameplay
  • Tons of mods to collect
  • Frequent updates, new content and events
  • Fast-paced combat


  • Grindy and repetitive
  • Slow start
  • Insufficient tutorials
  • Lots of Bugs

Reasons why you should play Warframe:

After releasing the game, it became quite successful and growing free to play the game on Steam, PlayStation and Xbox One.

Warframe is the best Co-Operative game and example of how the online game should make changes according to the gamers demand, If we compare the game with the BETA version and the original version there is a major change which is in the favour of the gamers and forces the gamers to have another look into the original version of the game.

Free to play:

Warframe is the game which is free to play and it has been the same since its release since 2013, although there is a premium currency in the game many players feel that digital extreme did a great job on how they set up the currency. It encourages the players to support them by buying the premium currency but it isn’t compulsory. Around 95% of the items in the store are able to get without using the currency, many players actually buy the premium currency to support the game because they’ve done a fantastic job with Warframe. It is available on the steam and other websites too free of cost.

Not pay to win:

Primarily this is a player vs environment PVE game its consist of a lot of survival missions, capture missions, defence missions with many different players. It’s fun to get all the weapons and Warframe as they launch and spend money on that stuff. It is not necessary to spend money on that stuff because the players can farm for those things as well.

If you see a player in the lobby with advance Warframe and weapons…..No problem you can farm for those kinda advance stuff.

Why You Should Play Warframe Now


The game allows you a very cool option or says the feature of customization with a room where you can get all the things you have collected so far which helps in the customization including the colour of your weapon, colour of the Warframe and different kinds of armours and other tons of stuff. The players do farm for the different and attractive types of pieces of armour and weapons which are collected in the inventory which helps the players to build a cool and attractive Warframes.

Warframe has a lot of variety in both: what to play and how you want to play, there’s a lot of Warframe in the game and they all are different and upgradable including weapons. The players can choose different types of missions that are like survival and Defence and capture like I’ve mentioned above and also there are some open-world areas with different kinds of missions that players can do as well. The players can go fishing and go on a quest with your friends and fashion frame which many people love to do that and making their Warframe look glorious and show off with their friends.

Warframe community:

Warframe has a very awesome and friendly community. The players are helpful and good with the advices and less toxic. They are willing to help with any question you have but the only thing the community hates are story spoilers the gamers love the story of the game and they would be dangerous if you spoil their will to play the game. According to me it's rude and never do that in the chats irrespective of this the community is very loving and fantastic they can help you with weapon blueprints and Modification. They always welcome the new player and helps them so they would stay in the game because everyone wants the game to be better and better in every new update.


Warframe has an outstanding storyline, there are story mission and story arc and the company is working on the game to give the players more story content the gamers love the story of the game and wouldn’t accept spoilers, and I would suggest you guys to not search for spoilers for yourself too and play the game and enjoy every bit of it. Even if you don’t want to play PvE just at least try and play the story missions and enjoy the game and have fun.

Why You Should Play Warframe Now


As other online multiplayer games Warframe also supports clan creation which holds thousands of players as a clan.

For the player, clans are very helpful and beneficial. Clans help to craft weapons, Special  Warframe and other items but only in clan dojo. The community is supportive and will help the new players to take baby steps.

A large variety of weapons:

The game allows you a large number of tools and weapons different from ninja weapons like swords and dagger. It also gives a customization feature for the weapons. If you’re good in-game you would find the blueprint for the creation of weapons with mix and match the parts of an assault rifle, pistols, snipers and shotgun and create a greater weapon of your own. If you have the blueprint in the game for a particular weapon you can create the weapon in no time and no cash spent.

Loot boxes:

Recently added a loot box reward system for every mission complete and which leads to increased interest in-game in favour of gamers. But the loot box is worth the interest of the gamers because the box consists of very awesome items and rare items of course which can only be bought by platinum cash which is bought by real cash.

Why You Should Play Warframe Now

Awesome  content open world:

Warframe has a lot of content for an open world which includes main quest, side quest, syndicate, invasions, void fissure, sorties,  arch wings etc. which has made the game more playable time to time and update after update and increased  excitement among the gamers

Best Melee combat:

Warframe has best Melee combat compared to other online games, and it is loved by the gamers so much. Many other gaming companies still working on Melee combat make more kinetic and engaging but Warframe has cracked the treasury long before by making Melee combat very engaging as gunplay and fast-paced and fewer restrictions in Weaponry.

PvE Focused:

For those who don’t know the full form of PVE is Players vs Environment. As other games have focused on other factors of the game  Warframe has also focused primarily on PvE along with the other factors. It does derive from PvP but Warframe is excellent in providing an outstanding landscape for  PvE Missions, as it focuses on mission-based plays its core experience from the beginning of the game.

Simple but satisfactory skill sets:

Many online games and MMOs suffer from skill bloat. The class category is determined by skills and abilities, but as you progress you keep on gaining a new set of skills and abilities which have little to no impact on the gameplay experience.

Over completion of the game, you will collect a bunch of skills. Warframe cuts the chase by giving a basic four set of skills per Warframe, these skills can make a radical impact on how you approach the game. There are no similar warframes in case of skills, and every warframe brings something unique to battle or combat scenarios.

Min-maxing feature:

Warframe offers you an outstanding platform for customization of your warframe and weapon loadout, al weapons and warframe are fully customizable and provides flexibility to the gamers. There are certain factors you should have knowledge about like enemy weakness and damage type.

Worthy companion feature:

According to this feature, players can choose to have a permanent kubrow or sentinels accompany you on the missions, which can provide a variety of types available for the benefit of your current suit needs. There is also craftable summons which is used as consumables and can make a good difference in a solo run.

A Game where you have time to explore have fun and craft Weapons and Builds. The development team of this game should be praised for their outstanding work and for remembering the gamers and not the money they bring in. Overall this game is a fantastic game which you would love playing with your friends.

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