World War Z Class Gameplay Video Released

World War Z has introduced a Player Vs Player Vs Zombies trailer. The game has been developed by Saber Interactive and published by Focus Home Interactive. The game's Core gameplay of four players co-op Vs other players and also zombies. The survival will be intense in this gameplay as you will go against human players and zombies. There are a lot of Four Vs Four multiplayer games in the market now, but the Zombie swarm makes this very unique and will be interesting to play.

The game also features the game modes :

  • Scavenge Raid: players race to secure resources across the map to win.
  • Vaccine Hunt: players must pick up and hold an object to earn a point for the team.
  • Swarm Deathmatch: Two teams go head to head in a bitter fight to the end.
  • Swarm Domination: Capture zones to earn points and win a team victory.
  • King of the Hill: Capture a single hill, then control it to earn victory points.


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