Worst Games of 2018

The Headline pretty much sums it up, Bad games are fun as long as you don't' play them. Our main objective for this list: we don't want our players to undergo frustrations, disappointments, or even mental breakdowns as games are meant to be fun. What is the point of playing a game which is not fun?.  Really these games come into the market and start creating chaos. The same requirements to identify good games are also required to identify bad games. This is why we review games. A lot of factors will determine a bad game as it does with the good ones. The game's visual's, gameplay, its mechanics, the storyline and finally technical difficulties(Bugs).  We will try to inform you guys about these games which will be available in the market. But We strongly recommend NOT to play these games. This list will grow in power as we sadly move through the year.

How to de we rate the games to be bad:

These games will be played, but will not feature in the review section. A game which falls under the threshold of 4/10 will be featured in this list. 


Past cure

Reborngamers Ratings: 3.0

Past Cure is a dark psychological thriller that was released on 23 February 2018. The game was published and developed by Phantom 8 studio. The main issue with past cure is it wants to be a masterpiece. The bad level design of the game is a huge factor for this game to one on this list. The gunplay is not fun. The stealth in the game is so frustrating and unbearable.It's sad that this game has been designed by only 8 developers and it pretty much shows in all factors. The gameplay is implemented badly due to the lack of manpower in the developing department. Graphics might be decent, but you can easily find out the bugs and bad animation throughout the game.The main cause of this game is its storyline. It doesn't make any sense about the story. 

Verdict :

Past cure is unhealable but it really lives to it title name. The name says it all.



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