Is Dota2 Dying?

For a player who has played nearly 7200 Hrs, I would say I am qualified to speak on this topic. A game which was loved by all types of gamers excluding LOL players, dota2 still is a pretty good game. For casual gamers, it was fun, for the hardcore gamers this game pushed them to their limits. Dota2 is the major player in Esports arena till now. But did you ever feel that the game is frustrating to play nowadays? 2016 was the known good year for Dota2. From that day onwards it has been losing  5000 to 10000 Players every month.

Where are its players?

Majority of the dedicated fan base who have been with Dota2 from its start still love the game, but the new players seel other games. Pubg is the main attraction nowadays. Guess where Pubg got its majority of player base from, Yes you are correct from Dota2. Ice Frog just donated all of the dota2 players to Pubg. As a gamer who wants to have fun and be competitive, I find Pubg more attractive than dota2 right now. Dota2 has become frustrating and not enjoyable at the moment.

Here’s a Comparison


February 2016 – 1,248, 394 Peak Players

January 2018 –       779,299 Peak Players


April 2017 - 1,40,104 Peak Players

January 2018 – 3,236,027 Peak Players

Reasons For the decline:

Valve is definitely not listening to its gaming community. They are so damn concentrated on conducting its tournaments across the world, they now don’t listen to what the gaming community feels about the game.Tournaments are literally 2% of their community and Valve doesn’t care about the other 98% of its gamers.

The primary issue for dota2 is nerfing its heroes. I just want to yell at Valve and Ice frog “What the hell are you people doing to the game ?” Releasing unwanted updates and Hero upgrades had made the game absolutely horrible. For an instance, Shadow Feind “ OMG”, RIP if you are not a Mid-SF Player. Three razes from SF and you are dead. It's that disgusting and irritating. The SF player will feel like a god and the opposite player will just feel DUMB.

Recently they added 3 New heroes which absolutely has broken mechanics. Really valve after 3 long years of waiting we have “Pangolier”. God that hero is awful. Constantly nerfing and reworking heroes have made the players check regularly for updates rather than enjoying the game. Seriously I open Dota2 and look for updates “What have they done today to make the game more unplayable?”. Tada 25 skill tree 3 ghost ships for Kunkka. Damn, that is just stupid.

I just don’t understand why they do these things. They have literally taken Dota2 from a good game to Horrible game with these updates and upgrades. Even the Pro players have come out to speak the truth. Players Like Liquid Miracle and Eg’s Sumail have made negative statements about the game.

Sumail Twitter

Dota2 really lacks nowadays in events. In Feb 2015 They released The bloom it got 1,262,612 Player peak, and in Feb 2016 The Shanghai Major along with the Winter Treasure which had 1,248, 394 Peak players and in Feb 2018 we have 6 months Ban and last hit trainer 779,288 Players. Seriously how ridiculous is that ?. The real fact about dota2 is that players are more keen on watching Pro matches rather than playing it themselves. They have literally stopped enjoying the game themselves. Every year The International Prize pool goes higher and the player base decreases more.

Other reason must be introducing the system of using mobile phones to confirm your accounts, a lot of casual players did not feel comfortable with the system, It may have reduced of smurf Accounts but turned out to be an unpleasant thing to do for casual gamers. After the matchmaking update and removal of MMR most players who have been playing it for so long feel like they have been cheated. Ultimately resulting in moving to more rewarding games.

Personally, I feel that they destroyed the game when they released the 7.00 Patch. The game has become more hostile to new players when they are playing with experienced players. The matchmaking system is the main reason behind this issue. When an experienced player gets a new player on their team and they lose the match because of the inexperienced player, obviously they are going to rage on that particular player. Valve has to definitely change that system.

“The torture effect” dota2 can be played for nearly 30 to 40 mins avg game. But most of the time the players may find they will surely lose the game.But the players have to wait for the enemy team to take their time taunting you to kill the ancient. This is the most unpleasant moment in dota2. A system where a surrender vote can be initiated. Where 4 out of 5 players can surrender the game to the enemy by voting. Many players have suggested this system to valve but there are no actions taken. When you are in a pubg match you die, you move on to the next game. But in dota2 it doesn’t have any such feature.

Can Dota2 Make a comeback?

The leaked information about new heroes in dota2 has made some hype into the gaming community, and players have made their comeback to the game. Dota2 is in a recovery mode. Stop your updates valve. A new patch is definitely required for the game, but this time valve and Ice frog must listen to the gaming community. With The International 2018 and Compendiums to come, Many major issues of the games have to be addressed in a proper way. No Overpower heroes. If Valve listens to its gaming community dota2 may make a comeback. This is a game which we all love, we want this game not to be good but the best. The Comeback may be real if Valve Listens.

So is Dota2 Dying?

As players, we are just frustrated with Valve and ice frog for their updates and upgrades, but the dedicated fan base is too strong. The game still is awesome in many ways. The game will reach newer heights if they give the players what they truly want. I would say that dota2 was on a fall and will rise again. Let's Hope that they listen to the gaming community and rectify the issues as soon as possible. The ultimate conclusion is Dota 2 is not dying.

So what do you think can be done?

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